Check Out Colin Langlois 16.2

Check Out

Name: Colin Langlois
Sponsors: Burton, Anon, and Grenade
Age: 23
Origin: Morrisville, Vermont
Coordinates: Mammoth Lakes, California
Stance: Goofy. Twenty-one degrees front, zero rear, and 22-inches wide.

Colin Langlois is badass. He hasn’t always been, though-when he moved to Stowe a few years back, we gave him a hard time. Colin was a talented snowboarder, but we were a tight group and felt Langlois needed to earn his place. Colin simply turned the other cheek and concentrated on riding. As the browbeating continued, Colin rode harder. Every subtle insult made him go higher in the pipe. I think he understood what we were doing and used it to his advantage. Colin proved himself and developed a style all his own.-Kyle Clancy