Thursday August 28, 2008.

The final day of snowboarding at Stylewars was held under perfect Australian skies without a breath of wind.

The riding standard was beyond ridiculous, the course was softening in the hot sun and tricks were getting thrown that have never before been seen on snow down under.

Leading the charge today was a man on a mission, last year's grand master Torstein Horgmo (NOR) who was sending massive smooth tricks with rarely a hand out of place. He took out best trick with an insane switch backside 1260 melon deep into the landing of the first jump.

Torstein Horgmo knows how to get spun. PHOTO: Alex Roberts.

"I wanted to try the 12 and I got it around so I was pretty happy about that and I got the front ten a lot better and a few mellow fives. The jumps just got better and better everyday… everyone was killing it, we couldn't have had a better day." Torstein said.

The overall winner of the event was Canadian Charles Reid who dominated for the entire three days of the gruelling event that included today. Charles fresh from winning the 28 Stair rail event presented by Volvo last night powered on today with a slew of 1080's, rodeos and a consistent style that had him pushing out fellow Canadian Matts Kulisek for the win. Matts finished 3rd behind Torstein.

Charles Reid mid-1080 on his way to the win. PHOTO: Alex Roberts.

Charles rode through a bruised heel injury with only the win in mind. "My heel is alright, but it just hurts really bad when I land on it. We had 20 minutes left of the competition, it hurts so bad but I just had to keep riding." Charles said. "Usually in a contest its spin to win but with the rider judging I'm going to vote for style for sure, Shayne Pospisil (USA) and Robbie Walker (AUS) were riding insane."

After the riders vote was tabulated into the results Shayne Pospisil ended up 4th overall and had this to say. "The standard was so high it was motivating me to step it up and throw down. Everyone was stomping everything. For the riders vote I was looking for just who was smooth over the three days."

Swatch TTR world Tour leader Chas Guldemond. PHOTO: Alex Roberts.

Chas Guldemond after knocking himself out heavily in NZ flew into Stylewars at the last minute to compete and take 5th overall. His result moves him into first place on the overall standings of the Swatch TTR World Tour.

"It's only the second comp of the year so I'm sure Charles Reid will be biting at my heals after this contest… I wanted to come in to Stylewars and check out the contest, slow it all down a bit and enjoy the contest and focus on my style. I'm going to take this as a good base for practice for the start of the season."

In the coveted Bledisnow Cup competition between Australian and New Zealand, the Australian team stood strong today with incredible riding from Ryan Tiene, Robbie Walker, the Allan brothers and 15 year old Jye Kearney who was whiskers away from stomping 90-foot front ten tails. One to look out for from Down Under.

Tore Holvik of Norway was tearing it. PHOTO: Alex Roberts.

"Snowboarding is great for the Aussie scene cause we get a lot of amazing riders down here for it and get a lot of publicity out of it and more and more riders are hearing about, it's a good thing for sure." Ryan Tiene said.

The course from the chopper. PHOTO: Alex Roberts

2008 STYLEWARS presented by Oakley

1 Charles Reid (CAN) $7000
2 Torstein Horgmo (NOR)
3 Matts Kulisek (CAN)
4 Shayne Pospisil (USA)
5 Chas Guldemond (USA)
6 Ville Uotila (
7 Ryan Tiene (AUS)
8 Stef Zeestraten (NZD)
9 Will Jackways (NZD)
10 Mitch Allan (AUS)
11 Tore Holvik (NOR)
12 Robbie Walker (AUS)
13 Keiji Okamoto (JPN)
14 Clint Allan (AUS)
15 Jacob Koia (NZD)
16 Roland Morley Brown (NZD
17 Nick Brown (NZD)
18 Masaharu Nakao (JPN)
19 Jye Kearney (AUS)
20 Tyler Chorlton (UK)
21 Mario Kappeli (SUI)
22 Dustin Craven (CAN)
23 Quentin Robbins (NZD)
24 Cohen Davies (AUS)
25 Andy Lloyd (AUS)
26 Kerian McLaughlin (AUS)
27 Jonas Carlson (SWE)
28 Chris Sörman (SWE)
29 Jaakko Ruha (FIN)

Grandmaster Charles Reid(left) and best trick winner Torstein Horgmo(right). PHOTO: Alex Roberts.

For video highlights of Day 2 action go to:

The 2008 Stylewars is presented by Oakley and is supported by Falls Creek Resort, SilverSki Lodge, Corona, Red Bull, Volvo and New Era.