Celsius will be flying Jon Kooley and Jordan Mendenhall to Anchorage, Alaska where they will be handing out stickers, posters and tons of swag to all the attendees of the event. Jon and Jordan also will be handing out a free pair of Celsius boots to the rider who impresses them the most. Scott Liska, owner of Boarderline, has spent the last 4 weeks constructing a 40 foot high structure to accommodate a 20 stair rail complex. Other pros in attendance of this first annual event will be Think Thank’s Jesse Brutner, Sean Genovese, and Ben Bogart.

If you are in driving distance of Anchorage, make sure to head down to Boarderline’s new location for their first annual Urban Rail jam on Saturday Feb 26. On Sunday the 27th the contest will switch gears and move inside to the new Boarderline Skatepark, Alaska’s only indoor skate facility for a skate contest. For more information you can check out Boarderline’s website at www.boarderlinealaska.com .

Jon and Jordan plan to stay in Alaska for a couple weeks after the Boarderline event. Liska has lined up a couple of sleds for the team, who will be heading out into the Alaskan wilderness filming for Love/Hate 2.

In Other Celsius team news, Chris Dufficy and the Wildcats have been forced to leave the Whistler backcountry travel the world looking for snow. Celsius last received word that Duffs and the Whiteout crew had just finished a 2 weeks tour of Japan and we back in Whistler waiting for snow.

Micah Mcginnity has been traveling back and fourth between Utah and Minneapolis filming with Volcom for their new movie. United Airlines deserves a big thank you from all Micah’s sponsors for “misplacing his travel bag. For some strange reason Micah’s bag never turned up, so keep an eye out for an United employee rocking a new pair of Celsius boots, with a new Academy snowboard.

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