Burton hit man Wyatt Caldwell has been blowing up as of late, jet setting, globe trotting and generally keeping it real from Ketchum to New Zealand. We caught up with the snowboard professional at Snowpark, NZ between contests, photo shoots, and pitchers at Shooters.

Evan:How long long have you been in New Zealand?

Wyatt: Came down to New Zealand on August third and were staying here til the 28th, riding at Snowpark and Cardrona. Then I’m going down to Australia for the Australian Open ’til about September sixth, then back to the states.

Evan: Where are you from in the states?

Wyatt: Born in Sun Valley Idaho, then jetted out to Mammoth when I was eighteen or so. After high school when they didn’t build a park in Sun Valley or any of that. So I went out there and trained, hung out for a few years, and now I’m residing in Utah.

Evan: What do you think of the riding out here so far?

Wyatt:The riding in New Zealand’s been pretty good, it was very good weather when we first got here and then it kind of tapered off into some clouds and a little bit of snow. It worked out for the better and hopefully the weather stays good now that we got some snow.

Evan: I hear you might go heli’ing?

Wyatt: Yeah, the TV dudes might take us in the choppa’ so we can get some sick powder up there, where the real good shit is. But other than that, just spend some time at Snowpark, make due with what we got if it’s jumps or kickers or some sort of quarter pipe setup, so it should be fun.

Evan: Are you thinking about the Olympics?

Wyatt: Somewhat, it would be ignorant not to get your top twenty five and try. It’s always in the back of my mind. I think a lot more guys are gung-ho and that’s what their whole career is focused around—it’s make it or break it and they’ll probably cry if they don’t. But, it would be an awesome experience and if I could get a sick pipe run together it’s anybody’s game as of December. It’s just a lottery as far as the contest goes. I’m going to try and stick with it, but I’d rather get a good filming season under me and do some fun contests.

Evan: Who are you filming with right now?

Wyatt: Grenade Gloves for the Smell The Glove video, and Process 5, the Burton video for 07. I didn’t exactly get anything in Process 4 due to a few injuries and the damn contest circuit.

Evan: Any other plans?

Wyatt: Not much. Gotta’ go down to Saas Fe in Switzerland in October to try and get the top 25 World cup spot or something—get my finish to be eligible for the (Olympic) qualifications next year. Gotta’ kind of do that as a pre-requisite—play it safe. But other than that, get strong in the fall and just try to have a flawless, injury-free season, and get in the backcountry more.

Evan: Sponsors?

Wyatt: Burton Snowboards and the Ronin outerwear, Smith Goggles, Grenade Gloves, Exit Real World and I hope I didn’t forget anybody.

Evan: Word!

Wyatt: Sure!