In between winters and coming off a busy yet successful contest year, Torah took a moment to stop by the office yesterday on her way up to Hood for her signature session at High Cascade. We sat down to talk about the backcountry, the Olympics, and crazy fans.

I hear you made it into the backcountry this year, what was that experience like?
I did, it was awesome. The last couple of years, since the Olympics, I’ve just been going from contest to contest, so it’s not often that I get to ride powder because I’m always leaving when the snows coming, it’s just bad timing of mine. But yeah, this year I got out there and it was a lot of fun, definitely going to cut some contests out in the future to make sure I get some pow days.

Do you see your riding moving in that direction as opposed to doing contests all the time?
I mean, with another Olympics around the corner I have to stick with them [contests], but I would love to lay back on the contests and just snowboard, explore other parts of snowboarding.

Did you like the Olympics first time around?
It was pretty cool, very different from any other contest, but not really because you’re competing against all the same people. It’s just a bigger stage, and you’re actually representing your country, it’s pretty special.

It’s cool you enjoy that part, it seems like you have a pretty big following.
It makes it fun when people come out to watch you and support you in crazy ways.

Do you have a craziest fan story?
It just happened the other day actually, I was in Australia with some friends heading to an event. We walked past this pub on the corner and there were a bunch of construction guys outside, and we walked across the road and got a little ways down and all of a sudden I hear someone yelling my name, my friends and I turn around and there’s this guy hanging out the corner of the pub going “Torah, Torah, keep boardin’ love,” [laughs]. That was funny. Other than that, not too crazy.

No stalkers or anything?
No [laughs], no stalkers.

Do you have one highlight of the season that really stands out?
I really enjoyed the days that I got to go out and just ride in the backcountry. I competed a lot this year, so probably competitively the highlight would be taking out the Global Open again for the second time in a row [laughs], that was cool.

Your brother is your coach right? What’s that like?
From the first day we put on snowboards we’ve been riding together. He went off and did his own thing for a few years, and then we ended up just riding together again and one thing led to another. It’s great, he can travel with me and help my snowboarding. It’s nice to have family around, too.

What riders do you look up to?
For the girls, pretty much anybody these days, I’ve seen a big push. Ellery Hollingsworth is quite young, but she’s doing back nines, definitely stepping it up. There’s a lot of progression these days. I really like watching Danny Kass and Hampus Mosesson, they’re probably my favorite two. It’s hard because there are so many good riders out there. I like watching Ben snowboard, too.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
I have a session at high cascade, a signature session with the Frends crew, so I go up there next week. I’m really excited, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, especially with those boys. After that I’m off to London and New York for ssome media stuff, and then back down to New Zealand for the southern hemisphere winter.

Have any idea what your winter will be like?
Well were coming into the Olympic qualification year, so I’ll have to do some World Cups to get the FIS points up [laughs]. I really want to focus on just having fun and snowboarding. If it’s a good winter down there I think I might try and get in the heli, have some fun that way.