I didn’t expect to be doing any interviews when I started this internship. Sure enough, though, I’m told 20 minutes prior that I’m supposed to interview someone whose riding and style I have highly respected for years: Scotty Lago. His power on a board is rivaled by his mellowness off it, Scotty is honestly one of the most laid back dudes I have ever met. He took a little time to sit down with me and talk about his season and his plans for the near future. —JP

Did you do any filming this season?
I filmed most of the season with Grenade for The Boned Age. I’m headin’ up to Portland soon to finish up some skits for the movie, it’s gonna be funny. I went on a trip with Absinthe, too, sledding and riding pow in B.C. It was awesome working with Justin [Hostynek], and riding with Nicolas [Müller] and Kevin [Pearce]. I did some filming with Travis [Rice] last season in New Zealand and this year at Superpark.

Do you have a preference for filming or doing contests?
Filming is definitely more fun; I just haven’t really gotten into it yet. There’s nothing better than when you’re doing well in contests though. Definitely not going to give up contests, they keep you on it. I think the best thing though is just riding for yourself, that really keeps you on it. No cameras or judges, just riding by yourself or with your friends. I think the most progression happens when you’re just having fun.

What are your plans for the summer?
I’m headin’ out to Hood for the Frends session at High Cascade. I’m also going to Camp of Champions for a bit to check out the airbag. After that, I’m heading down to Argentina with Flow, and hopefully a New Zealand trip in there somewhere.

What’s the story with Frends?
We’re just a bunch of friends who grew up riding together, just having fun. We’re making some T-shirts and might have some other stuff coming out soon.

Are you psyched for the new Ask The Frends section in the mag?
So stoked for Ask The Frends. It’s gonna be fun.

Where do you see snowboarding going in the future?
Snowboarding can go anywhere, there aren’t any limits. It’s going to get crazier in all aspects I think. Stuff is gonna get more tech, even on rails.

Who do you think is really pushing snowboarding?
Travis for sure, he’s my #1 idol. Danny Kass is the most down to earth guy, and an amazing shredder. John Jackson is really sick too, and then there’re the Frends.

Do you have any one highlight of the season, a trip or a shoot or something that was super rad?
Best trip for sure was to Europe for the Air & Style Quarterpipe. I met up with Kevin, Jack [Mitrani], and Shane Pospisil, we were just looking to have fun and we ended up all doing pretty well. Kevin ended up winning and Jack got highest air.

Do you think East Coasters make better riders?
No, not necessarily. There are definitely some sick ones, like Brushie, Danny [Kass], and Pat Moore. I think there are fewer opportunities to shred back East, so when kids make it out West, they go nuts. Kids from the East have a lot of passion, for sure.

Any up and coming East Coast kids you think are gonna blow up soon?
Sam Hulbert and Brandon Reis are on firee.