School is out and summer is rolling along. This brought the big and little combo of Scotty Arnold and Alex Sherman by the Transworld office to liven up the joint and enjoy some summer chillin’. The duo left Park City and are trekking up the coast to Mt. Hood. They’re road tripping it the right way and stopped off for a little skating, surfing, and roadside fun. Here’s what they had to say about the past winter and their summer plans.

So what brings you two down to SoCal?
Alex: Just hangin’ out here.

SCO: Yeah just hangin’. We’re headed up to Mount Hood and we thought we would kick it down here for a week then make the drive up.

Do you have a place down here?
SCO: Well, my whole family lives in Newport so I try to get down here as much as I can. I live in Park City and then in the summer time I try to come out as much as I can and surf, skate, and do all that stuff. Yeah Newport is awesome.

Who do you ride for?
Alex: Rossignol, Vans, Smith Exit Real World, and Airblaster.

SCO: Salomon, Vans, Boost Mobile, Park City, and Airblaster too.

Who did you film with this winter?
Alex: Variety Pack for their video “Guns Out” and Team Thunder for “Gold Country.” I also got a couple shots in “I Ride Park City.”

SCO: Grenade’s new movie “The Boned Age” and Park City’s “I Ride Park City.”

Do you guys surf at all?
SCO: We try [both laughing]. We haven’t gone since we got here, but hopefully we’ll make it out at least once. We heard about the shark attack, then we saw this magazine with a picture of the coast and this triangle they called the death zone of sharks. Supposedly it’s right down the street, so we might keep a bit north of that. It’s fun, it just takes a lot of work even getting out to the waves.

What trip was the most fun for you this winter?
SCO: One of the best trips was this TWS trip to Newfoundland with Trevor Andrew, Chris Grenier, Java Fernandez, and Scott Serfas. I’d never been up there so I didn’t know what to expect. We just went up there for like twenty days. They had a bunch of snow so we were cruising around to find jibs and urban stuff. Trevor had spent some time up there when he was a kid and that’s where he got started. It was his idea and Serfas was like yeah lets do it, so we made a story out of it.

Alex: Ahh…going to Big Bear for the GVR contest. That was fun, I’d never been to Big Bear before. There was a skatepark and jibs and jumps everywhere. I went with one of my buddies from Portland and another from Park City. It was sick, we were up there for four or five days. I snagged some cashish, seven hundred and fifty big ones for makin’ it to the finals.

Scotty, you have your HCSC signature session coming up, right?
SCO: Yep, session one with Andreas Wiig and Hana Beaman. It should be fun, hopefully we’ll get a bunch of snow. I guess it snowed like eight inches last week. Yeah we’re going up there skate, snowboard, and hang with the kids. Hopefully we don’t get rained on. I don’t even think I brought a jacket on this trip.

Alex: Hopefully no tsunami storm. I didn’t bring my kayak or rain jacket. I brought a jacket, but it’s nowhere near waterproof. I think it’s made out wool [laugh]. I’ll get all wet and smell like a wet dog. Pretty good stuff. I stocked up on tees though.

So what else is new?
Alex: I just graduated high school last Friday.

Any college aspirations?
Alex: No not yet, just shred it up right now.