Caught Up With Lucas Debari

Lucas Debari is a good kid. And an even better snowboarder. Raised in the no-stop light town of Glacier Washington, he learned to ride and then rip at Mt. Baker. Oddly enough, he chased the pipe-jock dream for a while, traveling from contest-to-contest, camping in the parking lots with his mom and competing alongside a lot of those Frends dudes. Then he got broke-off and over it. So he made a prodigal-son like return to Mt. Baker to find his line. Think it’s safe to say he found it. His part in These Days got people talking. And no doubt helped earn him his “Rookie of the Year” award at the Rider’s Poll.

This season started slow for Lucas though. He wasn’t officially filming with anyone until almost February, then he busted his hand and was out for a few more weeks. But, he knows how to go to work when it’s time, and from the sounds of it, Debari did pretty good for himself this winter. Check People’s Nice Try next fall to see for yourself.

And until then….here’s a quick Q&A and some photos Lucas collected this winter.

The Big Night: Lucas with Jackie and Tanya at the TransWorld Rider’s Poll. PHOTO: Liam Gallagher

So…Lucas, you won TransWorld's Rider's Poll Rookie of the Year last year, how did that feel?

Yeah, wow. That was a very surreal experience for me. Very humbling.

Did your life change dramatically? Are you rich and famous now?

Oh, for sure.  I have successfully made all my loan payments on time this winter. That’s ballin’.

At the beginning of the year you didn't have plans to film with any video, but then Red Bull helped you get into the People movie right?

Yeah they sponsored me in at the bitter end. I’m stoked for all the support Dave, Toshi and company have given me.

So when did you start filming with those guys?

I think my first day filming was the second week of March. It was a very small window, but I think I made the best of it.

How'd the season go? Heard you punched your board and were out for a minute, what happened?

That was a bummer. I landed a Front 7 and backhanded my board. Somehow I shattered my knuckle through my glove. I’m actually just about to go have surgery number 2 on it.

Looking for Lucas? Look for vapor trails in the trees. PHOTO:Liam Gallagher

Who did you ride with most this season? And where?

I spent the majority of my filming season in the Canadian backcountry with Shaun McKay. We linked up as soon as I started filming and it worked well so we went with it. I also got some days in with Seth, Wille, and Curtis.

Were you happy with the footy you got?

I would say that I’m borderline content. With so little time I didn’t get the opportunities I wanted to try out some new ideas. All in all, it was fun and now I’m more motivated than ever for next season.

How was this season, filming with People, different than your season filming for These Days?

I think it was pretty similar. I was able to work with Corey K again this year, which is something I’ve become familiar with in the past. Justin and Pierre run a rad program though, I’m definitely stoked to be in with those guys.

Lucas at last week’s step-up sesh at Baker. PHOTO: Liam Gallagher

How was the winter in Baker? Any epic days?

This season was a total bust for riding Baker. There were two weeks in late December that were sick. After that it didn’t snow until March. And that was about when I started filming so I missed those pow days.

What’re you up to in the coming months?

My plans are constantly changing, but as for now I’m buying a canopy for my truck and am going to drive the 101 from Seattle to San Diego skating and learning to surf along the way.