Caught Up With Lucas Debari

The amount of snowboarders who can actually claim "Mt. Baker local" can be counted on two hands—maybe three. Lucas Debari is one of them. However, this Baker born-and-raised rider clearly ain't content to lay low in paradise. Debari has made power moves in the last couple seasons. First, there was a breakout part in Transworld's These Days. Then, a Transworld Rookie of The Year Award. Last year? Another powerful part, this time in People's Nice Try. And this season, a new decade marks new sponsors (Rome and North Face!) and a new film crew (Absinthe!) for Debari. Like I said—power moves.

I heard you’ve been in Whistler filming with DeMarchi and Blauvelt … what's the status?

Yeah, other than a few days at Baker in November, I've spent the majority of my season filming with Absinthe up in Canada. I've been crewed up with some amazing snowboarders this season—the level of riding so far has been through roof. Everyone seems to be on the same page, and that's when we can excel the most.

How is the Canada vibe different than the situation at Mt. Baker?

I’ve spent a bit of time in Whistler before. I think for filming it's one of the best areas going. But there's definitely a competitive vibe between crews up there. As long as you don't let it get to you and remember to just snowboard then it's harmless.

Lucas Debari. Photo: Scott Serfas

Lucas Debari. Photo: Scott Serfas

What do you miss most about Baker when you’re not there?

This season hasn't been good at Baker, so it's been cool to be away from home for a while. In previous seasons, when I talk to my friends and family at home and Baker is going off, it can be hard to deal with.

I bet! So who's your favorite person to shred with these days?

When I’m at Baker riding pow, my friends Kael Martin, Matt Edgers, and Daniel Sandberg are my main crew. On film trips I've had a great time riding with Jake [Blauvelt] and DCP—those guys really push me to the next level.

Why did you decide to film with Absinthe? How did that deal go down?

My final reason to go with Absinthe over People was their knowledge and experience in the backcountry. I enjoy learning from some of the veteran riders about how to keep it safe while still pushing the limits.

Do you have any specific goals for your video part this year—anything you want to switch up or improve on?

This season I'd like to get some more freeriding lines. It's one thing to stomp a cliff or nail a chute, but to link three or four features in a line is very hard to do. I'd also like to step up to some of those acrobatic double corks that are going down—that looks like fun.

So you're shredding on Rome now—are you psyched?

Yeah I couldn't be more stoked to be in with the Rome dudes. They have a great vibe and do well to support the core snowboarders. I haven't met everybody yet, but I'm looking forward to filming with all of them this summer and next season.

What else is getting you hyped these days?

It's February and I still have three months of snowboarding ahead of me before I have to figure out what to do with my time.

Anything been bothering you?

Side slipping and tall tees on a powder day … are you fucking kidding me?

Ha! How does the rest of the winter look?

It's pretty stacked. I'm going to France with Rome for a couple weeks. From there up to AK with Absinthe, and after that DCP, Xavier Delarue, and I are headed to Greenland for a Transworld trip. Stoked!!