Caught Up With JP Solberg

Caught Up with JP Solberg
The Solberg duo of brothers Stian and JP rolled through the offices the other day to catch a little Cali sun before heading back to Norway for some downtime. JP just got back from a surf trip in Indonesia carrying home an extra friend—a little stomach-wrenching parasite. One thing he didn't come home with though, is a board sponsor. This kid's off Burton and just reppin' Nixon and Active now and he's hungry for some support. With a stack of banger video parts and some of the smoothest backcountry blasting, he won’t be rollin’ sans sponsor for long…

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

So you're no longer on Burton. Did the departure come as a shock or did you see it coming?
The thing about those people is that you don't really know what they want to do.  There are so many people pulling strings in different directions and that was one of the more frustrating things about being with such a big company. You never really know where you're going, or what direction. But you know I've had the best years of my life riding for that company so I'm not going to be bitter about anything. And you know it's not my company and I don't make the decisions there. And in this case change is good and I'm really looking forward to new challenges and working with new people. You live in a bubble when you work for Burton you know, but I want to be proof that there is actually life after Burton. I felt that over the years a lot of riders are scared when they're with Burton because what do you do after? But there is life after and I want to be the epitome of that.

How has this affected your take on snowboarding?
I'm the most stoked on snowboarding that I've ever been. Part of growing up is realizing how grateful you have to be for the opportunity to travel around and enjoy what you're doing. I think when you're a kid and everything is going so fast you don't really get to stop and think about what is actually going on. Looking back it's been so rad. I don't want to stop doing this. So hopefully I can move forward as fast as possible and get back on snow. I can't wait to go snowboarding with my friends. With Burton they kept me so busy, and I look at all my friends who ride for other companies and they're just chillin' you know. I've always seen myself on their note, but with Burton they just run you hard. It gives you a little bit of work ethic, but I don't see anything being harder than riding for Burton. I mean fuck it, I'm not in the machine anymore, I'm not locked down in the matrix, I'm breakin' free!

Do you have any film projects lined up for next winter?

Next winter I really want to stick with Justin [Hostynek] and Absinthe. I really found my way back to that crew and they put me on in the beginning and gave me a chance and it just worked out really good with Transcendence. This year I had a really good year and got to be injury–free. People thought that I was taking a break from snowboarding, but it was just because my body wouldn't allow me to ride. If you look at other sports, there's like this whole system of people that want to help you get better and get you back into what ever you're doing. Whether it's football, soccer or any kind of sport if you get hurt, then these people come in and tell you what to do so you can continue down that path you're already on.  But with snowboarding, I've found that when you get hurt, a lot of people are like "alright, next" 'cause there's always someone next in line ready to come up.