Chris Wellhausen

The girls stopped by the Transworld office on their way up to Government Camp for their signature session at High Cascade. They took a time out to talk about women’s snowboarding, soccer, and straight summer chillin’.

So how did your seasons go?
Erin: My season was a rough one, but I ended it on a good note. Rough seas with some nice, clear water at the end. I was pretty excited that I was able to film for two companies. Park City Mountain Resort did a movie again this year, which I think is going to be five times better than the last one, for sure. There’s a lot more work and dedication put into this one. The other was Runway for See What I See. I didn’t really work with any of the Runway crew because we talked Roxy into getting us a filmer, which was awesome because we work really well as a team. It was Alexis, Amber [Stackhouse], Kjersti [Buaas], and me that filmed most of the year.

Alexis: Well, my season was spent mostly with Erin, so whatever she says pretty much goes for me too [laughs]. It wasn’t my smoothest season ever, but it was fun and turned good toward the end. I learned a new trick on my last day riding, one of my best days of the season, so I got to end on a good note. It was kind of weird because while everyone was getting all this good powder I was getting blue skies everywhere I went, which is really nice in one sense but really strange…

Erin: I didn’t get one powder day all season, and there were 74 powder days in Utah.

Alexis: We were just following the blue sky trail all season, it was weird. [Laughs] At least we had nice weather.

So will you have some shots in the Runway movie too?
Alexis: Yeah, I hope so. I filmed with Erin all year for Roxy and my footage is with Runway, so yeah, we’ll see.

How important is it for there to be an all-girl’s movie?
Erin: It’s important. A lot of the mainstream guy movies don’t want to work with female snowboarders. They do respect women as snowboarders, it’s not that. To be honest, I don’t want to go to Alaska and do what they’re doing, and they don’t want a girl there that they have to worry about. And when it comes to rail trips and stuff, they’re set on their crews, and so are we. It’s two different levels of riding, and I think women are doing a good job right now pushing each other and we’re putting out a product that sells to a totally separate market. If a girl does film for a guy movie, like Annie [Boulanger] does with Absinthe, more power to her. For me, I just feel more comfortable riding with my friends. Girls like to see the all-girl movie, that’s what they go out and buy. They can’t relate to DCP dropping a 60 ft cliff doing a nine or something, I can’t. [Laughs]

Alexis: Yeah, we’ve been doing girl movies now for four years now and both dabbled with filming with guys before. There are days when it’s amazing going out with the guys, they definitely push you. Sometimes they push you in a positive way and sometimes it goes beyond your abilities, so it’s this mix of being pushed and things actually being over your head. It can get your confidence down, it’s not a very productive cycle, so I feel like filming with the girls is a better, more positive atmosphere. You’re trying not to step on their toes or make a bomb hole in the landing for the jump that they built, I just don’t want that pressure I guess. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’m happy where I am.
There were some articles last year kind of talking shit about women’s snowboarding, and for sure there are times when girls should ride with guys, but I don’t think filming is the right place. When you’re filming, you’re trying to do your absolute best, the same with guys, so it can get kind of tense. We’re just doing different tricks on different levels for tthe most part. The best guys part is on a different level than the best girls part, that’s just the way it is.

So you guys have filmed with Runway since it started?
Alexis: Yeah, Runway and Misschief Films.

Erin: Amber Stackhouse and Fabia Grubler started Misschief because there had to be a change in the snowboard industry. Contests were not cutting it, that’s not the way you express yourself. Snowboarding is an art, I think, everyone has a different way. But yeah, Misschief started and Alexis and I were in it from the very beginning. They did two years of that and then it kind of went under. Leanne [Pelosi], Alexis, Hana [Beaman], and I were like, “we gotta keep this going”, so Leanne took the reigns and we continued on with Runway.

You’re both heading up to Hood soon, right?
Alexis: Yup, we have a signature session at High Cascade; it’s going to be super fun. It’s my first and Erin’s second time having a signature session. I’ve actually been fired from High Cascade three times, so I’m proud to be back. [Laughs]

Erin: I’ve been fired once, and they asked me back too! [Laughs] That was back when Vans ran it, it was a junk show. Ever since Preston [Strout] and Kevin [English] took over, that place has become the most amazing camp. I went online the other day and every session is sold out with waiting lists expect for one, and it’s about to be sold out.

What are your plans for the summer after camp?
Alexis: We’re probably going to take a Roxy trip, either to Chile or New Zealand. Funds are low right now so we’ll see how the economy’s doing in August and then decide [laughs]. Chile would be really fun.

Erin: Alexis, Annie Fast, myself, and maybe Leanne Pelosi are doing this Soccer World Cup for pro snowboarders. I think the whole thing was Terje [Haakonsen]’s idea. Norway, France, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and America are all going to have teams. As of now it’s a North American team, but it might split up into USA and Canada. I’m gonna be practicing my soccer skills so I can beat Terje’s Norwegian team. Summertime is fun for me, all my new friends think I’m the laziest person ever [laughs], they have no idea what summer means for me since winter is so stressful. I’m just gonna be chillin’.

And next winter?
Erin: We’ll definitely have a Roxy filmer again, but as far as what projects the shots will go to, I don’t know. The Mountain Dew tour is coming again, which means more contests, so I really hope there’s a film project going [laughs].

Alexis: I’m gonna be filming some more and probably go to the X-Games. I’m going to be working more closely with Roxy in their outerwear design department, not sure exactly how though. I actually just got back from school; I did a one-month fashion intensive summer program at Parsons School of Design in New York City. It was insane, a semesters worth of work in one month, crazy hectic, but the fashion department there is one of the best in the country, so it was really fun. I’ve got the bug to design clothes now, so I’ll be doing a little of that this summer and on the side next winter.