Danny Larsen Caught Up & Photo Gallery

Danny and a swash-buckling Pirate Crew floated into the southern Californian waters recently on their way to promote the new film Overseas. Infused with jetlag, filthy energy drinks, food poisoning, and three hours of sleep, Danny was surprisingly amped to rattle off some answers. Notably, the creative contributions from all the riders the Overseas hardbound DVD book as well as his attempts at rock 'n rollin'.  Danny's just amped on just about anything and later at Mammoth I found he's got an explosive energy that lets loose as soon as his feet touch the snow.

How long have you been boardin' for?
I think I've been boardin' for about twelve years or something like that.

How old are you?
I'm twenty-six.

Where did you first go snowboarding? Can you describe the hill?
I grew up right next to a small hill outside of Oslo in Norway called Krydsei. There was one t-bar at the hill and it was usually covered in ice. This is not an exaggeration, but you could actually go down the hill in ice skates--I've done it a couple of times. It was so hard and so icy, it was horrible. There were no jumps or anything like that and they threatened to take your pass away if you tried to build any jumps. We had fun though, what we did was just carve out small bumps and hit rollers and try to spin as fast as we could. 

How does it feel to be a pirate and part of the crew?
Well, this is the third year filming with the pirates and being with the crew has been fun. I always thought the guys did a cool thing sticking with film instead of going to digi. I felt like it's like a "fuck it, we'll do what ever we want attitude" and I really like that. I think film looks really good. Being a pirate as in the name pirate, I don't know.

All photos by Frode Sandbech.

Well, last year your video intro costume was a dirty pirate by the name of Jack Sparrow
Hah, yeah we were talking about being introduced to the American market last year and we were like "ahh fuck no, they'll think we're just a bunch of kooks dressing up for snowboard movies." But it was fun dressing up and we were actually living like pirates for one week on this island down in Italy. Those were the only clothes I was wearing. But we woke up everyday on this beautiful Italian island just eating pizza and drinking red wine everyday.

You're quite a blog maniac, do you think all that writing clears your head?
I set a goal when the season ended last year and I just realized that I'm not gonna snowboard and I have to do something productive or something to work at every day.  Even though it's not really productive I get to think a bit, write, and get my thoughts out there and it's kind of fun to push yourself to write something when you don't have anything to write about. I never thought I was a blogger type of guy, but I feel like it's a good way to inform people of what you're up to. I also set a goal to swear as much as possible and lie as much as I can.

If you had a band what would you name it?
I have a band, I actually have a bunch of bands right now. The best band at the moment is called Beist, which is Norwegian for beast. I don't know what to call it because we've only made two songs so far, but it's like heavy metal, black metal, trash metal. Yeah, I have that band and I just started a new blues type band with a friend. I don't know what we're called but we already fired the drummer. He was part of the band for like two minutes but he did something we didn't like so he was off.

What do you play?
I play guitar. I limit my music to that because I can't sing or play drums for shit.

That's funny because you're playing drums in the intro to your part in Overseas. All those intros are unique, could you tell me a little more about them?
My filmer spent a good half hour teaching me to play the intro to that song, it's fun as hell but it definitely looks better than it sounded. All the intros have one thing in common, that there's no digital animation behind it, they are mostly stop motion animation. We had a whole house down in Austria turned into an animation studio where we had lots of different custom-made machines making it all possible. It was one of our main filmers, Flo Eckhardt that was the brains behind it all.

How long have you been playing music for?
When I was a kid a played guitar and my dad is pretty good at guitar, so is my little brother, but I just lost interest until one day I was walking around Oslo and passed a guitar store and was like fuck it I'll buy one.  And now I have four guitars in my living room and I just love it. I have a bunch of friends that can play really good death metal and they help me with writing music and putting stuff together. It's really fun, a new creative outlet. I like it to sound like hell's loose. It drives my girlfriend insane though.

What's one trick you want to learn this season?
Ahhh I have some stuff I've thought about and some tricks that I was really close to last year. I don't want to plan it though so I'm not stuck to learning that one trick.

How many movie tours have you done this summer?
Ohh, a lot. We had the central European tour, the Scandinavian one, and now the states.

Which movie Overseas movie tour was the wildest so far?
Innsbruck, the world premiere. I think we had 1,600 people but it was so easy to sneak in so we had people everywhere trying to pack in. Austrians go crazy, it was really fun. People were slam dancing and everything was wild and totally out of control. Innsbruck is always the wildest.

Where do you spend most of your winter?

It's been mostly in the Alps. Usually wherever there is good snow. We spent sometime in the U.S. this season, quite a bit of time in Austria. We had some good hook ups there. I'm pretty stoked as long as I get to go back home and shred in the spring.

Check out Danny’s blog here dannylarsen.blogspot.com