Caught Up With Danny and Mason

TWS: So Danny what've you been up to?

Danny: Well you know I kinda just been a little bit of a couch monkey for a while, went down to So Cal , just hanging out and having a great time and also working out, cuz I had surgery on my knee, a little meniscus repair. But it's all good now, it's healed up, it was a six week recovery and now I'm back in it.

TWS:When did you hurt your knee?

Danny: I hurt my knee at X Games, just doing a  cab-10. I landed flat and my knee just locked up. But now I'm good to go so I'm just gonna hang here in Tahoe for another week, cruise runs, and then after that I'm gonna go try and do some filming.

TWS: Filming for the Burton movie?

Danny: Yeah for the Burton movie for sure.

TWS: And Mason, what about you, what’ve you been up to?

Mason: Oh man, I've been chillin for about a month. I broke my uh…Well I mean I didn't break my rib, that's not what it said in the X-rays, but I know I fractured  it.

Danny: You didn't break it you pussy.

Mason: Yeah I know I'm definitely a pussy, it's a pussy injury 'cuz you can't do anything, you can't even sleep right.

Danny: You can't claim broken rib, when you didn't even break it.

Mason: Yeah well it wasn't like real break, but all the doctors I talked to were like…."Well you can't even tell from the X-ray if it's fractured, and from what you're telling us, that's probably what it is." And they were just telling me all the muscles and all the ligaments just get ripped off  and all this other nasty stuff.

So that's why I've just kinda been chillin'. I had to compete hurt at Killington to try and get some FIS points, for the stupid Olympics…well sorry, the Olympics aren't stupid, but the qualifying process is just absurd, you know. It sucked to have to go compete hurt, but I had to to handle my business up there.  Then took it mellow for like another two weeks, and just rode for my first day..

TWS: How'd that feel?

Mason: It felt good man, cuz I was kinda nervous 'cuz I still kinda feel some pain a little bit, but not really when I ride. So,yeah I had a super good day shredding at Mammoth  and then drove up here, staying with Danny and shredding the pipe today for the 20 Tricks video and we're just having some fun.

TWS: What do you guys do to deal with down time when you get injured?

Danny: I just try and take as much time off as I need to get strong. Work out, ice it, and just try and take care while you're hurt, you know, get healthy, eat right, all that.

Mason: It sucks being hurt. It sucks to not be able to snowboard 100 percent, and not feel as confident as you want to feel. But… coming back after being away for a month or so, you know it's nice to come back and shred. Everything's just fun. Going traveling from place to place all winter sometimes you just don't get those days to just ride and snowboard for yourself. So it’s always nice to get back at it and have it be so fun again. And Cali is so nice right now. If you haven't been to Cali to shred yet, you better get out here.

Danny: Yeah there's like 360 days of sunshine. (Laughs)

Mason: No, seriously Mammoth has 300-plus days of sun. And there's a huge base there right now, biggest base in the country, there's so much snow there.

Danny: Biggest base in the country huh?  You're sure about that, you're claiming that?

Mason: Yeah for sure, I'm claiming it. It's based out.

For the record Mammoth is boasting a 7-to-12 foot base. There’s two pipes, cut nightly and the park has more hits than you can handle. And odds are good you can watch Danny and Mason ripping the pipe next weekend at the West Coast Invitational. For more info check it Here…

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