Caught Up: Nima Jalali

The filmers are done filming, the editors are done editing and Nima Jalali is done snowboarding. That is until old man winter huffs, puffs and turns it all out again. During the summer months while all the other shredders are soaking in their boots, Nima’s days are spent skating and his nights are spent frequenting local watering holes, casually sipping on small sour drinks. His belt recently notched with another full video part in Mack Dawg’s People, we caught up with the ex-Trouser Pilot because we can.

What have you been up to?

Living the leisure life—skatin’ all day, drinkin’ all night.

Where’s home?

Sunny Los Angeles, California.

What bars do you hang at in Los Angeles?

We’re at the Cha-Cha a lot these days or the Short Stop—both in Silverlake.

How did the filming season go?

It was okay, you’re never completely satisfied. Gotta full part, hopefully the kids will dig it.

I see you spend hours editing footage on your computer. Did you have input on how the final product turned out?

For the most part I did, I went over to the editing cubicles for a minute … watched what Pierre had put together and I was happy with it. I gotta thank the Chesterfield Kings for makin’ my song possible. Those cats are the best.

What’s the name of the track?

That’s top secret info, I’ll tell you when we’re off tape.

How do you feel about summer snowboarding?

It’s never been something that I did. I grew up skating everyday in the summer, and when the winter comes along I’m always going crazy about snowboarding—I can’t sleep the night before. Skateboarding all summer keeps me straight.

How do you feel about snowmobiles and backcountry snowboarding?

Oh, man. Backcountry is cool when shit works out … but snowmobiles are such a f—kin’ drag. It’s not a hobby of mine.

Who did you spend most of your time riding with this past season?

My film partner was Hebbel, he’s the best ’cause he doesn’t give a f—k about anything. Also, filming with Mitch (Nelson) and (Jon) Kooley was really fun—Kooley is a funny cat.

If you had to call it, and you do, who do you think is getting the ender part in People?

I’m hoping Kooley or Etienne (Gilbert). I think I’m gonna get my wish.

What happened with Planet Earth?

They saw me wearing jeans and they got upset … we had a falling out. I’ve tried for years to get them to make pants that fit right, but they said they weren’t “edgy enough. That’s just the way it goes I guess.

Have you made any outerwear moves yet?

Nope, I’m on the hunt right now.

What’s the official sponsor list?

M4, Flux, Spy, Active, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Elm, and Grenade.

Keeping on the sponsor front, things got shaken up at Flux recently and some of your friends left the brand. Was that awkward?

It wasn’t awkward, not at all. Flux makes the best bindings in the world and that’s what makes the difference. Things got shaken up, some of my friends don’t ride for them anymore, but they are an amazing company with an amazing team. We’re about to put on some mind-blowing mother f—kers so watch out.

Alright, alright. Good to get that cleared up. Seen any good shows lately?

Not lately. I saw the Stones three times on their tour, went to Supergrass, that was alright, and tonight is the Buzzcocks. I haven’t been goin’ to many shows these days, though.

Are the Trouser Pilots still in effect?

Nah, we’re on a permanent break, it’s hard to find time to practice anymore. We tried playin’ gigs without practice and we couldn’t get through a set. Maybe we will have reunion show a few years down the line.

Last Words?

Watch the MDP People movie when it comes out.

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