In this web exclusive interview we caught up with The Nutz at his then Swiss Family Robinson-esque treehouse apartment in Laguna Beach, to get the lowdown on BozWreck—his recent foray into the movie business. Nate’s since headed back to Utah, he left two days after his girl broke up with him, and one day after his car broke down amid a crowded Los Angeles freeway. He has no money, and when we got a hold of him yesterday to confirm the rider list the first thing he said was, “I’m at a strip club, It’s my birthday—f—k a bitch! Happy birthday Nate, thanks for keeping it real.

What’ve you been up to all winter?

I’ve been trying to film believe it or not. We’ve actually been making our own video, me and Matty Ryan—BozWreck.

How’d you come up with BozWreck?

We couldn’t figure out what to name it so we took Boznutz, my nickname, and split that in half with Homewreck, Matty’s nickname.

When’d you decide to make your own video?

In the beginning of the year. We didn’t know who we were going to film for, I’d just quit working in the warehouse at Electric and everyone was just talking shit. No one gives us credit so we just decided to do our own shit. I have a three chip, my buddy LJ that works at Milo has a three chip and Neff bought me another camera so we’re like f—k it. We just want to make something more raw, and it’s been coming together pretty crazy. It blows my mind that we’re actually doing it.

How’s filming been?

I’ve been stoked. I haven’t done too many crazy handrails, we mess around here and there. We’ve been doing a bunch of ollies and fun shit—just stuff that we want to do. We’ve had control to do whatever we wanted, but at the same time we didn’t have any money. I was living on J2’s and Mikey’s couches and I didn’t even have a pass anywhere, so when it snowed we rode around the city. It’s definitely been a trip doing it all on our own money.

What riders should we look for in the flick?

For full parts, it’s going to be Me, J2, Anthony {Herren}, Matty {Ryan}, Forest {Shearer}, Justin Bennee, Hans from Sweden, Eric Messier and then all of our homeys—we’re going to have an ill homey part. It’s gonna’ be sick dude, don’t trip.

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