Caught Up: Lukas Huffman

This big cliff dropping, big spinning, little guy is holding the backcountry down solid. And has been for years. Who else does Cab sevens over 40 foot cliffs into pow? Only a small handful. Lukas just started his own film production company with Robot Food mastermind, Jess Gibson. Here’s a look into what he’s been up to, what he has planned, and how things are turning out with his new project, ir77.

You’d been filming with Mack Dawg the last few seasons, why did you decide to start up your own project?

Change of scenery. There were lots of reasons, but the biggest one was just to snowboard with new folks, go to new places. That’s what keeps me stoked.

What was it like working with Jess Gibson?

Fucking awesome. He’s a no bullshit dude, I really get along with him well.

Who else besides yourself is involved in the project, both riders and filmers?

Jake Price is the other film homey, and he’s also editing. The riders were, myself, Andrew Crawford, Shandy Campos, Jon Cartwright, Rube Goldberg, Shin Campos, and whoever else happened to be riding with us.

Will this movie be similar to the book you published?

As similar as film and print can be. The movie has the same sections, but the movie is to show all the exciting stuff that really doesn’t come across in print.

Did you have any experience edited, filming, and producing films prior to this project?

No. That’s why Jake and Jess are in charge of the movie.

So other than your movie project, you had just purchased a home here in the great pacific Northwest. What brought you to these parts?

Portland is real Vermonter (where I’m from) friendly. Lots of hippies, and cool people doing what ever they feel like doing. My brother Jesse already was here, so I had family, which is important.

For some time you’d been living in Canada during the winter months, do you see yourself doing this in the future?

No, it’s kind of hard to be way up there for six months. If I’m going to be away from “home, I might as well just be on tour, so less Canada, more everywhere else.

Speaking of Canada you seem to have a close relationship with a lot of the top shredders up there, Jon Cartwright, Shandy Campos—how did you end up becoming friends with these guys, and is that a solid reason for your residence in those parts?

Well, when I first moved to the west coast I went to Whistler, so I befriended a lot of the dudes up there. For sure, that’s why going there is so cool, all my shred homies are there.

You have been attending school for some time, but always as a hobby, do you plan to go full time after you have finished up with snowboarding?

For sure, the more I learn, the more I realize there is more to learn. It would be great to just full-time student it up.

Actually, both myself and Bryan Fox always joked that the reason you’re so good at shredding is because your such a smart guy and could calculate exactly what you were doing when you snowboarded. Are we right?

I don’t know about that. I think that if you have snowboarded for as long as I have, you just are good. It’s been a lot of years on the board.

So back to your movie, is this something you see yourself doing in again next season?

I’m not sure yet. The movie we are making is like a one time deal, you can’t really do it again, and so we will have to see if any interesting stuff pops up.

So what kinds of things can we expect to see out ofthis movie? Any crazy trips you want to share with us?

I just hope it is total chaos, and when you watch it, you will be like, “Holy shit, that’s what I’m talking about!