Who is Louie Vito you ask? Maybe you remember him from a li’l contest called the X-Games when the seventeen-year-old stunner narrowly, and debatably missed his spot on the podium this past winter. Since then he’s pulled out of the Forum camp, and in turn has been entertaining no shortage of offers from potential board sponsors. Add the rest of the heavy contest circuit and an immanent high school graduation into the mix and you’ve got one busy tall-tee wearing young man.

So, if you don’t know, now you know.

Vito, it’s Evan from TransWorld.

Yo, what up, son?

Just hanging. What’ve you been up to?

Just got back to Stratton last Wednesday, so I’ve been trying to chip away at the pile of homework I have, since I haven’t been to school for six months (laughter).

How long are you in Vermont?

Hopefully I’ll be outta here by the end of May, but it all depends on my schoolwork.

Then jetting off to exotic locales?

(Laughter) As soon as I graduate I’m going back to exotic Ohio. But this summer I will be. I’m going to Hood and Windell’s for a bit, then to So Cal for a li’l bit, then to New Zealand and Australia—it’ll be busy for sure.

Plenty of time for sleep when you’re dead, right?

Pretty much, or on the airplanes (laughter).

Where are you from in Ohio?

Right outside Columbus.

Where did you ride out there?

There’s a small hill called Mad River Mountain five minutes from my house that’s only about 250 to 300 vertical feet. That’s where I learned. Whenever I’m home in the winter I’m always there. It’s so fun, it’s so small and I find all these crazy lines. And during Christmas it’s open ’til like three in the morning.

Damn, the lifts run ’til three?

Yeah, they close from like 9:30 to 10:30, then reopen from 10:30 to 3:00 on the weekends and holidays. So I ride for a bit during the day, go home, kick it, and then go back out at night for a bit.

You’ve had a pretty busy winter yeah?

Yeah, so many contests all over the place, it was crazy and then I got to film a bit at the end, which I was stoked about. I did a lot of traveling with the U.S. Team this year, which was fun, too, hanging with Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis and Scotty Lago. Then I did some stuff with the Volcom am team at the end.

Have you locked a board sponsor yet?

Nope, still talking to a few, but I’ve narrowed it down for sure.

Did you have any time to shoot for the Volcom movie?

(Laughter) Well, I didn’t really last year, and since I did so many contests this year, I only filmed at Superpark, but it was super fun, I hope I got some stuff.

Were you the youngest rider at X-Games?

Naw, I think Jaime Anderson was there … but I was close (laughter).

Does all the hype make it any different? Versus a contest that isn’t broadcasted into living rooms worldwide?

The X-Games were definitely crazy. I’d be standing at the top of the thinking to myself, “This is not real, I’ve been watching this growing up, dreaming about it and now I’m here. Then I’d have to snap out of it and actually ride. The feeling between the X-Games, where only a few people get invited to ride, and say the US Open is a bit different.

Is pipe your main focus?

Not at all … I’ll keep riding a lot of it, but I’ve been jumping a lot, too. People just see me riding pipe because there are way more pipe contests than slope—my focus is being a good all-around rider.

Word to that. So what homework are you banging out?

I have seriously like 200 vocab words I have to learn. I missed a lot of tests, so I’m trying to get those out of the way. And on top of that, I have to write a ten-page senior research paper in size ten font about an author and their writing style—it sucks.

Are you a straight A student? Do you get graded on your tens or what?

(Laughter) I use to be so good at school, but with all the traveling and everything, I get Bs now, too. It’s hard to get motivated and do the work on your own, without class discussions and stuff like that. But I do pretty well, if I do say so myself

Any thoughts on college?

I applied to schools and all that, but I think it has to wait. I need to focus on riding before it gets too late. With so many li’l ones shredding so hard, it makes me feel old.

If you could have any sponsor outside of snowboarding who would it be?

This is a tough one … probably a jewelry company. I like that stuff, but it burns holes in my pockets. That or Cadillac.

What’s the last piece of jewelry you dropped in on?

I just got a new linked bracelet, a 24-inch square rope chain with an Italian horn piece for it, and a 30-inch link chain with a crazy cross pendant (laughter), all at once, too. But I lost one of the chains, I took it off and someone snagged it—Ima find that fool though.

Alright player, well I’ll let you get back to graduating. Any last words?

(Laughter) Naw, I think I said enough.