Caught Up: Leanne Pelosi

Leanne Pelosi is a fierce competitor, triumphing six competitions in 2004, eight in 2005 and kicking off the new year with a win at the Vans Cup Rail Jam in April of 2006--if she’s in your heat you might as well turn in your bib. Her snowboarding career is equilibrated with filming, as evidenced most recently by her part in the upcoming Misschieff Films’ release, Ro Sham Bo. All the while maintaing her status as Director of the all-girl MGT Snowboard Camp at Whistler/Blackcomb. This is one sincerely ambitious shredder. And to think, we almost lost her to soccer ... what a shame that would have been.

What’s been the biggest change this year for Misschief?

This year we started filming 16mm--Ooh yeah! We had a bit of 16 last year, but it was scarce. The footage looks so much sicker this year. And we have a lot of split parts and new girls.

Who are the new girls?

The new girls? The rising stars? The next shit! Umm … well, Jamie Anderson and Spencer O’brien have made quite a presence on the competition scene in the last year.

What about the video scene?

I was really impressed, Spencer stepped right up to the plate and started filming. She scored a little section in Ro Sham Bo. I think she’s the only underager

Are you sharing a part?

Yes. I have just over a minute, then Tara (Dakides) and Sylvia (Mittermueller) have a few shots at the end. I’m stoked because the song is sweet!

Numa Numa?

Oh, no (laughter). I wish!

What’s the song?

TV On The Radio--Playhouses.

Where did you go this season?

I visited a ton of really cool places ... London, Japan, Spain, France, all over the U.S., and I’m leaving for New Zealand on Saturday.

Oh, I learned how to shit hook my sled!

What is shit hook?

When you put all your weight on one side of the sled in powder and carve it on one ski and do loops, its’ pretty fun. Hana Beaman taught me.

Where’s the official premiere?

We have our ASR premier at Oakley on September 6th.

Is Oakley open to public?

F--k yeah.

Are you going to be there?

I hope so. I have a flight that gets in from Thailand that night at like 8:30 p.m. I hope, hope, hope, I can make it.