Caught Up: Laura Hadar

Hey Laura, so what have you been up to?

Well, I just got back from Aspen for a photo shoot with Oakley, and we stayed in the nicest house I’ve ever been in. It had a waterfall, two Jacuzzis, a huge bed, satellite TV, and a maid who picked up after me. I got used to it, and then I came home and I was kind of sad.

That sounds amazing. How was the rest of your winter?

My winter was good. I was doing a lot of drop--trying to be like a little monkey stunt snowboarder in the city--and I ended up bruising a bone in my knee. I thought I tore my ACL, but my knee’s just bruised and I have to take a little time off, but that’s okay because it’s springtime, and I’m sitting in the sun right now and it’s amazing.

Have you been spending much time in Colorado?

Yeah, I was just there for that shoot with Oakley, and then I spent most of January there. It snowed in Denver all of January, so we did a lot of cool stuff in the city. I also went to the X Games and I got last place second year in a row. Next year I’m going for my third last place at X Games, so hopefully you guys can cheer me on. I’m pretty good at getting last place.

I remember last summer you told me that you didn’t have an agent and that you should probably get one. Do you have one now?

No, I still don’t have an agent, but my team manager Mike LeBlanc is taking care of a lot of my contracts. It’s hard because when you deal with money you have to put a price on your snowboarding and it gets really mental and weird. I think that’s why a lot of people have agents, so it’s nice because he talks to my other team managers, and he’s not trying to screw anyone over, and we don’t want to get screwed over. He also doesn’t take any of my money. I’m supposed to cook him dinners, but so far I’m really behind on the dinners.

You’re a recent addition to the Nike team. What’s good about riding for them?

Nike is way sweet. When I thought I tore my ACL, my Nike team manager Bobby Meeks immediately called this doctor who works on everyone at Nike, and he was going to fly me up to Portland so I could get surgery at the Nike campus. Nike treats their athletes like we’re something worthwhile. We’re not just commodities for them. They really want to support us, and they realize that athletes get injured, so it’s not like if you get injured you’re going to be dropped. So that was really cool to realize that they have our backs one hundred percent, and it’s also nice because I have the hugest shoe collection in the world now.

So, what’s your marital status?

I’m currently married ... psyche! I’m currently unmarried and undateable--pretty much screwed.

What’s your favorite thing about being single?

Damn, well the single life definitely gets me in trouble. It’s hard to love all the boys, and not just one, but it’s nice because I leave a lot and that keeps them guessing. But if you guys are single, so am I.

What are your plans for the summer?

Well, one of my dream plans is to bike to Colorado from Utah. My sister’s getting married and I’m the maid of honor, so I figured I should show up on my bike as dirty, sweaty, and tan as possible. Then after the wedding I’m going to go visit my homeys at Installation and Satellite in Boulder for their five-year anniversary on July 4th. Then I want to take a seven-day course at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poets, because I want to be a writer someday. Also, I have my High Cascade signature session with Jeremy Jones and Danny Davis at the end of July. It’s going to be really fun. Eric Messier is going to come up with his band The Fizz. Darrel Matthes and Jon Kooley will also be there, and I think my friend Dave Wein is going to have an art show. It’s going to be a really cool session with tons of rad people, so if you’re in Portland and just want to come hang out with us, holler. Also, I’m doing a raft trip and I’m going to New York to visit my friend Molly.

Sounds like a busy summer. Now, you’re an athlete, and I’m sure a lot of people want to know what your secret to staying in top shape is. Why don’t you tell us what an average meal for you consists of.

Vanilla soy milk, espresso, some more espresso, more vanilla soy milk--this time it’s iced--American Spirits Yellow, Heineken, and (the local beer) Cutthroat. Did you know that in Utah if you buy the local beer here just at the grocery store, it’s actually 4.0, so all of the people who hate on Utah because of the 3.2 stuff, you’re stupid.

Huh, I didn’t know that. So, what’s the best thing about living in Salt Lake?

Springtime, riding my bike to The Broken Record, and the airport is twelve minutes from my doorstep. Oh, and the mountains. Living in the city and being this close to the mountains is amazing. The other day I saw this thing on MySpace where some guy had this thing that said “ it or leave it. Truuuue.

Well, I guess we should wrap this up. Want to tell me your sponsors?

Um, let me look at my snowboard real quick ... it looks like I’ve got some Oakley, Nikita, Ogio, Holden, Flux, Nike, and Milo. There’s some changing in the guards with the whole board thing, so we’ll see what happens. Oh, and also Satellite and Installation. Also, props to Brighton, Park City, and Winter Park. I think that’s about it.

Any last words?

Life is for loving, it’s only nature.