Caught Up: Keenan Rice

Keenan’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. He always has a smile on his face, and a plan up his sleeve. He can also farm the creepiest mustache this side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and is one of two people I know that can shotgun a beer using their thumb. Rice is all time.

Keenan what’s happening, son?

Nothing much, just having some coffee

Coffee huh?

Yeah, I’m working on a coffee addiction. It’s amazing, anything I do I have to do completely. So, I’m into coffee right now.

You own Tim Karpinski’s first painting.

I think it’s his second. It came with blood and beer spilt all over it—it’s my most prized possession.

Who are the Crewsaydrz?

The Crewsaydrz are a group of friends, not just through snowboarding, actual friends. We just shred and party, and never take shit too seriously. Maybe that’s why no one’s heard of us … but I hear we’re real big on MySpace. I would say check out CZ4, but Pat Bridges is the only person with a copy.


Yeah, that’s our flick. You know, as gangster as CB4 but with white kids and snow. It’s the best movie known to man.

What’s up with Silent Greg?

He is silent, but he’s a damn good filmer. You’ve never heard of him cause he’s so silent, maybe a downfall maybe not.

Best snowboarder ever?

Wow … I respect so many, but I’m gonna say Jamie Lynn. He was my motivation to learn a real method.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?

No, pigeons are created when bad people die.

Where are you from, where have you been, and all that?

Man, I’m From Wyoming, the shitty part—Cheyenne. I went to high school in Colorado, where I started snowboarding. Since Colorado, I’ve lived in Mammoth for the last five years.

You went to high school with Luke Trembath a.k.a. The Dingo. Back then what’d they call him?

Oh man, he is the flying wallaby, period. I lost my virginity in front of his house in the back of my car—we ruled Steamboat Springs.

You’ve been spending a lot of time in San Diego this summer, and it’s been quite warm. How many New Era’s have you sweated through?

Every single one I own smells like a cast.

That’s disgusting. Are you big in Japan?

Hell yeah, I’m six feet tall.

Who are your favorite people to shred with?

Always the Crewsaydrz—Cody Rosenthal, Joe Eddy, Peter Benchetler, and Silent Greg is always there next to you on a pow day. Oh shit, and my favorite person to go on trips with is Nima Jalali.

Top 5 songs in your iTunes.

Muse, Knights of Cydonia
Mickey Avalon, Take Me Home
Matt Costa, Cold December
The Stove, So Real
Anthony B, Waan Back

Who’s backing?

Grenade Gloves and Fatigue Project outerwear, RVCA, Jacks Garage, Smith, Bluebird Wax, Resurrect, and Union Bindings. Notice the missing board sponsor plug …

You’re a free agent.

Free, son. Free as a dead pigeon’s soul.

What was your first time snowboarding like?

It was actually amazing, no horror stories. Pretty sure I was in the 8th grade, and we went to Steamboat Springs.

What was your last time snowboarding like?

Shitty! I tore my ACL at Superpark. I came up short warming up and straight airing the jump, because it was about 100 degrees out and I don’t know how to wax. But I guess any day on my snowboard is better than a day without it.

Any last words?

No, I wish I knew the answer to life, but I don’t so anything else would be useless.