Caught Up: Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton is coming in hot. We first heard about Joe a couple years back, when he was cruising with the F.O.D.T. crew, showing them all the ill secret spots in his native land of Minnesota. Since then we’ve been seeing a lot more of him, and we’re pretty sure it’s just the tip of the Joe Sexton iceberg. Now filming with the legendary, dare we say infamous Sean Johnson and his Defective films crew for their upcoming release, Child Support, Sexton’s logging footy, and all we’re hearing now is how banger his timeline is lookin’—keep your eyes peeled.

Note: Check out the slideshow linked on the left for more sweet photos of Joe, and sweet photos by Joe.

Age: 20.

Home: Apple Valley, Minnesota.

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Where do you hail from?

The towering slopes of Hyland Hills

What’s the setup like at Hyland? Can you walk us through a hot-lap?

The set up is really fun! To walk you through a lap would take hours … psych! Basically it’s go up the tow rope, get off the tow rope, find a bump to ollie off, hit a rail at the top, point to the jump, hit a box at the bottom. then get back on the rope. We find random stuff and have lots of fun.

How long have you been shredding?

About eight years.

What’s your favorite type of riding?


What is it about the flatlands of Minnesota that breeds so many good shredders?

I don’t know, maybe riding on ice for so long? Everyone here just likes to have fun, I guess progression is natural when your having fun.

How has the filming season treated you and the Defective crew?

It has treated us well, a lot of late nights, and early mornings, but everyone stayed positive and I had the funnest winter ever! (Laughter).

What should we expect out of the movie?

Expect a well put together but at the same time raw snowboard film, showcasing more of the person than just a trick catalog. It’s gonna be funny, artsy, serious—all the above. I think it’s gonna be cool.

Where did you guys travel to this year?

This year we got to travel to Tahoe, Whistler, and Finland—wherever we could find snow.

Who do you think is going to have last part?

Not too sure. That’s not really the format for the movie, so I guess we’ll have to see.

Name one trick you really want to learn?

Trogdor on expert. And how to catch a bass every cast.

What in tarnation is Trogdor?

Trogdor is a song on Guitar Hero—the hardest song. It’s a face melter. (Laughter).

How do you feel about the word, “tarnation?”

It creeps me out. It reminds of when I was real little ’cause my mom used to say it.

Everyone’s been taking pictures here and there since forever, but how long have you been shooting photos seriously?

I’ve always been into taking pictures just of random stuff, but I never had a camera, I’d just borrow friends or photographers spares and snap away, so finally before I left for a trip I just splurged and bought one and haven’t looked back. I’ve been having a blast, something about freezing moments on a camera is pretty cool. Hopefully that didn’t sound to emo’ (laughter).

Do you ever give the photog’s that are shooting you tips or suggestions on getting the shot?

(Laughter) That’s a funny question ’cause sometimes I actually do! But my tips are usually worthless and never taken seriously, oh well. (Laughter) Sometimes if I’m shooting a photo I ask for tips from the photographers too, but I don’t know if they like that either. (Laughter).

What’s the better move, a backside 180 or a backside 1080?

Backside 180 of course—even though (Sean) Johnson was the first one to do a backside 1080! (Laughter).

Speaking of Johnson, what’s it like working with him on the project?

Oh man, its fun … most of the time (laughterr). He’s kinda like my dad now, which is kinda weird ’cause he’ll get mad at me for leaving candy in the truck or spilling pop or something. But the truth is Sean is the realest most motivated guy I have ever met, and it was really cool getting to work with him this season—thanks buddy.

Did you ever watch the Whiskey flicks, or did those come out before you were born?

I had never watched them before, I don’t even know when they came out, but this one time I was at Sean’s and he had some Whiskey vid’s laying around, so I popped one in, and I was shocked to say the least. (Laughter).

Who are your favorite people to go out and ride with?

Oh, man, there are so many. I like to ride with anybody that’s fun to ride with. Off the top of my head: Jonas, Jake, Jake, Dan, Hodge, Jordan, Simon, Risto, Fredu, Wimbles, Sollars, Markku, Stian, Knut, Dave—there’s a million more too.

What changes when your shooting tricks for a movie versus just out there riding for fun?

Not too much, you just feel a little bit more pressure, and when I ride for fun, I just like to cruise. (Laughter).

What’s next for snowboarding?

I’m not too sure, “We have no way of knowing what lays ahead for us in the future. All we can do is use the information at hand to make the best decision possible. It’s gonna be fine.—Wedding Crashers. (Laughter). For real though, I hope it just stays fun.

What’s next for Joe Sexton?

Work all summer to buy a snowmobile, skateboard all the time, and fish a lot—just keep having fun and live life! (Laughter).