Caught Up: Jamie Anderson

In case you didn’t know, Jamie Anderson is currently recognized as one of the most talented girls in snowboarding. She also tells some seriously random stories, prefers Subway to Quiznos, and rarely stops grinning. I recently caught up with Jamie while Christy Chaloux and I were driving her to the airport in Salt Lake so she could catch a flight to Big Bear.

Why’d you have to go back up to your room?

I had to go up there because I left something, and look what I found in the couch—my little Rastafarian pen!

Oh. So do you have any good makeout stories?

Yeah, I have this pretty funny one. It was my first time making out when I was in Italy like two years ago or something. There was this kid and he had a twin—they were German, and they were so cute—and I was making out with this one guy and then I ended up dancing with his brother like ten minutes later because I thought it was him.

Awesome. So why don’t you have your driver’s license yet?

Because I just turned 16, and I just got my permit. You have to have it for six months or something before you can get your license, so I’m kind of lagging a little bit.

How much money have you made in contests this year?

Well, I haven’t added it up, but surely over fifty grand. No, I think at least sixty grand.

What do you plan to do with it, besides take people twice your age out to expensive dinners in Park City?

I’m currently saving it. I’ve been saving a lot of my money on CD’s (Certificates of Deposit) because the interest rate is really good. That’s pretty much it. I don’t really spend too much money on anything of my own. Just my computer, which was like $2,000, but that was last year so maybe I’ll upgrade that one.

If you could only buy one thing and then you had to give the rest of the money away, what would it be?

A truck with a snowmobile on it.

Good answer. What did it feel like to stand next to Tara Dakides on the podium at the Chicken Jam?

I don’t know. It felt really cool, I guess. That’s a bad question. No, it felt good. It was cool. It was a good podium ranking. I’d never been on one with Tara, and also it was cool to have Torah up there, as well.

How many airports have you been in this year?

I think probably ten, at least. Maybe twenty.

Which one is your favorite?

Probably Reno, because every time I’m there it feels like I’m home, even though it’s not even my home. It’s just a small airport, I always seem to catch my flights, I never get lost in it, and they have a good little bagel spot that I go to before I get on my flight.

If you could be anywhere right now—besides in the world’s smallest SUV with Chaloux and me—where would you be?

I’d be somewhere tropical. I want to be somewhere and just sit on the beach. I don’t even care if it’s Hawaii or Costa Rica or wherever—anywhere just warm and tropical.

If you could choose my next question, what would it be?

That’s a good one. It’d be, “what’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite color?

I don’t know…

That was a bad question, Jamie.

Okay, I think my favorite color is green.


I don’t know, because it matches my eyes. I like green and purple. Can I borrow your pen?

Why don’t you use your own pen?

I don’t want to waste the ink. Why have we been stopped so long?

It’s a red light. Okay, so who are your sponsors?

Salomon, Electric, DVS, Grenade, Billabong, Sierra-at-Tahoe, VitaminWater, and maybe Skull Candy someday if Jay hooks it up …