Caught Up: Hana Beaman

After a hectic winter Hana Beaman is in So Cal now, surfing, eating burritos and generally indulging in all things summery. She swung by the Transworld office post-surf sesh to say hey, so we flung a few questions her way. Here’s what we got.

What was a highlight from last season?

I really enjoyed going back to Japan, for the Nippon Open, I was there a few years ago and had such a good time. I’d been trying to get back over there ever since, so this year was great to go over and hang. Another highlight was when Torah (Bright) and I rented mini snowmobiles, I think they were fifties (50 cc). It was raining and we were doing tow-ins to this little jump. Torah even hit the jump on her little sled. It was super fun.

What was the worst travel experience from last season?

I would say the European Open in Switzerland was the worst. It was cool to travel over there, but I’ve had bad luck with that contest. I have yet to compete in it. And traveling over to Europe for three days right before the X Games is a bit strenuous. It’s hard to not do a contest and not be able to party. That’s a double whammy. (laughter)

Best powder day last winter?

Um, well out of the three powder days I had last season, I would definitely say the day of heli we got in AK was awesome. It was my first AK experience and it wasn’t too gnarly but just really fun, I was with Romain, Gigi and Axel Pauporte.

That’s a pretty serious cast of dudes to go to AK with, how was it trying to keep up with them?

It was cool, it wasn’t as extreme as I was worried about. The terrain we were on was actually kind of mellow. It was just a really good experience. I really want to go back, I’m ready for the scarier stuff now

How did your season go for filming?

It went pretty good, I mean considering what kind of year it was for snow. We were all really determined in the early part of the year and got a lot of jibbing in and then the last month or two we went up to Whistler and spent time in the backcountry and got a lot of jump shots. All in all it was good season for filming.

Rumor is the Runway premiere is going to be on a boat in San Diego.

Yeah I hear Monster is renting a party barge for the premiere. It’s going to be a booze cruise, so it should be pretty crazy. We’re hoping it will be a pirate-theme party.

Who are your favorite homeys to spend a day shredding with?

I love riding with Leanne (Pelosi), Jamie Anderson and Erin Comstock. Kinda whoever is around, as long as they are having fun, it’s sweet.

What’s something you learned last season?

I learned switch fives, and how to land in hot pow, (laughter).

Word is you’re learning to surf, what’s it like to be a grom at something again? Are you enjoying it? Any barrels yet?

Yeah, definitely still learning. I love to be able to just go out and not have to do anything, no presh. It’s still all about having fun. I did get a barrel in Costa Rica when me and the ladies went there a few years ago, don’t ask me how, but I did. (laughter).

What are you’re plans for the summer?

I’ll be at hood for my High Cascade session. Then just getting as much beach time in a possible, and heading down under to go shred.

Which videos are you excited to see this year?

Runway Films’ La La Land, and the Mack Dawg films.

What has snowboarding taught you?

Determination and patience, and how to laugh at my self.

Any interest in getting a “Radical Babe tattoo?

Not at this point, but ask me after a bottle or two.

So I guess that’s a question for China (Hana’s alter-ego)?

“Yeah I guess China would be the one getting the “Radical Babe tattoo. (laughter)