Caught Up: Freddy Austbo

Norway’s young Freddy Austbo burst onto the scene a few years back amongst a crew of Burton young guns. He’s grown a bit since then, and the twenty first century Norseman left Burton to exercise his options. He flew the Norwegian flag in Torino this past winter, turned eighteen on 4/20, got his driver’s license, and as you read this he’s just returned back home—probably lamping at the beach with a couple homey’s and some lovely ladies. Oh, and did I mention that in 2004, at the tender age of sixteen Freddy hat-tricked all three Etnies Open events and was crowned Best Overall European Skateboarder? Yeah, he’s like our own little Norwegian Bo Jackson.

How was your Olympic experience?

It was sick. A lot of people and good vibe, I had fun. It didn’t go my way in the comp, but I didn’t expect anything—just have fun!

Did you hang more with the other snowboarders or with the Norwegian team?

The snowboarders—hell yeah!

How’s your summer going, any big plans?

The summer is going to be pretty much just training my knee up and getting that strong again. I’m going to Hossegor, France for three weeks to a rehab center. Going to do some surfing too, and hanging out on the beach!

Were you first sponsored for skating or snowboarding?

Got my first sponsor at age ten, the local skate shop Session in my hometown, Stavanger.

How crazy was it to be named “Best Overall European Skateboarder at sixteen?

Yeah, crazy man. I was so stoked. It was a good year with a lot of cool and chill contests and a lot of filming—best year with a lot of traveling!

Are you still skating in competitions?

Hell yeah, not to many last year because of the Olympics but next year I’m on it again—can’t wait!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?

(Laughter) That’s a hard one. Girl, food, guitar.

Do you remember the first time you went shredding?

Hell yeah, best time ever! It was rad. I were ten years old on a winter holiday with my parents at a mountain in Norway, I was a skier and looked up to all the big boys snowboarding. I was so exited to try it, so I asked my dad if he could rent me one. After a couple of slams up the rope tow I got to the top, after that I rode the whole holy day on my rental board. Since then I’ve had a lot of amazing days on my snowboard!

Where did you spend the most time riding this winter?

All over the place, Tahoe and actually I rode a lot in Davo, Switzerland.

Who do you think is going to have the closing part in the Standard movie (Draw The Line)?

Hmm … all were killing it, but heard some good shit of John Jackson and Mads Johnson. Can’t wait to see it!

Is there a big difference riding for Lib tech instead of Burton?

Yeah, it’s not that big of a team like Burton, and I like that. Lib tech is a good family and the boards are banger!

What is the drinking age in Norway, are you a party monster?

The drinking age is eighteen! (Laughter) I’m not a monster at all, but it’s fun going out with your friends once in a while. Hell yeah!

Seen any good movies lately?

Yeah! Meet the Fockers and Old School—killer movies!

Do you know who Bo Jackson is?

Hmm … wasn’t it that guy who were a baseball player and a football player?

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