Caught Up: Chad Otterstrom

He just signed on to the Rossignol roster, and he just signed on for the full length Transworld Snowboarding video that will be out next fall. Ladies and gentlemen meet the Colorado boss, Chad Otterstrom.

So you and Clancy just signed with Rossignol last week, are you stoked?

Yeah I’m stoked, I used to ski before snowboarding really even existed in Minnesota back in the 80s and all I wanted was a pair of Rossignol 7S race skis. Never got ’em, maybe now I finally can. No just kidding, but seriously I did ski and wanted Rossi skis. Once I saw snowboarding I immediately started shredding, my brother was a skateboarder back then and I always watched him and his friends skate. Then when snowboarding showed up everyone got into it. And it’s also awesome to be on the same team as Kyle. I’ve always looked up to his snowboarding and he’s on the right page when it comes to what a snowboarder should be.

Are you on boards and bindings?

Just boards right now, their bindings look real good too, so I’m gonna try those out and most likely ride those as well.

What board are you going to be riding?

I’m most likely gonna ride the Decoy line, but I don’t know, I still wanna ride ’em all then decide. They have a lot of good boards.

If you could get one more person on Rossi with you who would it be?

Terje Haakonson.

What happened with Academy? Must have been a tough decision to leave.

It’s all good over there; they just hit a couple bumps in the last couple years and couldn’t support some of their riders. It wasn’t hard to leave, Peterson still comes up and shreds and I’ve been shreddin’ with Nova a bunch. I still through high fives to all the Academy dudes. That’s just the shred industry; I wish them the best of luck.

In your eyes who are the best up and coming am’s these days?

Well in my eyes Mike Casanova is the best up and coming, talented snowboarder, except we were just talkin’ about old Trollhaugen days and this log ride that would shoot you into the halfpipe (ditch) there. That was the winter of 93-94. So he’s not an up and coming snowboarder, just a shredder. Otherwise Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Mason Aguirre, Kevin Pierce, that whole crew. Snowboarding’s blowing up. There’s good dudes everywhere now, Dirks in Portland, Grenier and that whole crew in SLC. Jonas, Joe, Marben—everyone in Minnesota. I hate name dropin’ so I’ll quit now.

Have you been getting some early season, mini shred days in lately? We know you guys are getting that white stuff in CO.

Yeah we got early season shreddin’ goin’ on for sure, its always a good time. I like hitting all the small jibs this time of year; it gets you warmed up for the season.

You’re from Minnesota originally, How long have you lived in CO now?

I moved here November of 95. So that makes it exactly twelve years. Keepin’ the dream alive.

For most riders it doesn’t just fall into their lap, how did you make it to where you’re at now in snowboarding? Was there anyone or anything that really made it happen in the beginning?

I just snowboarded a lot and tried to do all the moves. I was also a digger up at High Cascade up at Mt. Hood, and that will make anyone good at snowboarding. Blaise Rosenthal, Peter Line, Brad Kremer, Kurt Hiene and Mack Dawg all had my back. That’s what really did it for me. Then I just kept on snowboarding.

Looking back is there anything you would have done differently?

Yeah for sure, but ya cant change the past, so whatever.

Moving forward, do you have big plans for the season coming up, anything you can talk about?

Yeah, it looks like you guys (Transworld) are gonna make a movie so I’m gonna do that. Also Bluebird Wax is makin’ a movie; that should be pretty awesome. Otherwise just do a couple contests, follow the good snow and try not to get hurt.

Do you do anything special to get ready for the season? Any crazy training regiments or anything?

>Yeah, I’m just starting now, I try to snowboard everyday to get used to my stuff.

If you could put together a super roster of riders for one movie, regardless of money or commitments, who would you get?

We just made it, Keep Talkin’