Caught Up: Bryan Fox

Bryan Fox is from San Diego, California. Really he is from Ramona, which is about as far East as San Diego County goes, way out in the sticks. After high school Bryan bailed said sticks and moved up to Oregon with his buddy Josh Mills, where they basically lived out of Bryan’s old Subaru. Things have changed steadily over the past few years and the dusty kid from Ramona is now going on his third season filming with Mack Dawg People crew, he’s traded the old Subaru in for a shiny new truck, and he’s collecting passport stamps like it’s going out of style. He’s still pretty dusty though.

After camp you spent the rest of the summer in So Cal, when did you make the trip out to Utah?

Mid October, maybe the 15th or so.

How’s the weather been out there so far?

There was snow for a quick minute but got it warm and melted.

We know you’ve been shredding up at The Spot with Jeremy, JP, Seth, and Kooley. What are the hot new moves?

JP and Seth are on a mission. Crazy moves all day.

What board is JP on? C’mon just tell us, it’s mellow.

I honestly don’t know.

You mentioned a camping trip later on in the season where we would have to catch all our own food, what’s the first animal you would go for?

Fishing would be the easiest but I know Louie was talking about going after some big game. Why not?

Did you want me to go on that trip just incase you couldn’t catch food you could kill and eat me?

No way, “the Le Fever” is always a good time.

If Mountain Dew offered to pay you $100,000 a year to ride for them and they would buy everyone in your family a brand new car, would you do it?

I would politely tell them to fuck off. My family would feel the same way. My parents raised me with morals. If I took 100k from Mtn. Dewd, in ten years I wouldn’t remember where that money went, but I would always remember being a prostitute. That’s exactly what that is, prostitution. Snowboard culture is going to die if we keep letting people who know nothing of its nature exploit it.

Would you rather be sponsored by In N Out or The Heavy Metal Shop in SLC?

Neither, I enjoy giving both of those fine establishments my money.

Are you getting a new snowmobile this year?

Hopefully not.

What’s it like being on the same team as Travis Rice? Is he gonna teach you double corks?

Honestly, I’ve never met the guy. Heard he’s nice though. I’m not interested in any sort of double misty.

How psyched are you that you’re going to be filming with Louie Fountain this year?

I’m super excited, Louie’s awesome, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t feel the same way.

Aside from Wittlake, Louie pretty much made it happen for you, yeah?

Yeah he got me on K2. They never even saw me snowboard before I was on. It was 100 percent off Louie’s word. Funny how that works. Same way Robbie got me on Quik. Thanks Robbie.

What would have to happen to get Scotty to film for that movie too?

All the idiot shit heads in snowboarding to finally give it up and get the wake board jobs they deserve. I don’t know, he would always tell me stories about how shitty the industry was when I was younger and when he told he was done I still thought he was being stupid. After being in it, I fully understand. Scotty’s happy with the life he has now. People should get over it; he’s not coming back.

What was it like filming your first video part for Some Kinda Life? We heard you came out of pocket for all your expenses and you ended up getting the opening part in that movie.

That first year was crazy for me. I didn’t get sponsored at some ripe young age and come up in the industry. I was 20 or 21 when I got sponsored by K2. A couple months later I was filming for Neoproto. I had no truck, no snowmobile, and a minimal amount of cash. Each trip when we would get somewhere I would go to the store, buy a loaf of bread and a jar of goobers--ppeanut butter and jelly pre-mixed, and lived off that. Savage style. But in all reality, McKay made it happen for me that year. That fucking dude ruled, he doubled me out everywhere, drove me around in his truck. I’ll always remember that year. I had no other obligations, just filming. No one expected anything from me so there was zero pressure. That’s the best way to film--no pressure.

What’s the biggest difference going into the winter season these days as opposed to back then when you were broke and living in your car?

Instead of living in my car, I’m living on Louie’s couch. Still the same driving force though, snowboarding.

Can we expect anything new from you this year? What kind of riding are you into these days? Back to back 10s?

I like snowboarding. I can’t do back to back 10’s. There, I said it, shit. This might be my last interview.