Caught Up: Airblaster

It was a lazy sunday afternoon in downtown Portland Oregon. My sole mission (and only goal for the entire day) was getting a pound of “hairbender” coffee from Stumptown Roasters in downtown P-Town. It dawned on me that I was being a lazy bastard and that I should probably look in to something to justify my day. With headquarters just down the street, I gave Airblaster’s founding member Paul Miller a call to see if he would like to engage in savage game of bumper pool and ask a few questions on how, in fact, Airblaster is taking over snowboarding.

Paul is quiet, funny, hard working, and one of those assholes that is good at everything. I hate those guys. OK, I am just a little sourthat he smoked me at three games of bumper pool like it was nothing. Jerk. On top of that he could care less if I ask him questions. So, with that, he gave me a deal … for every ball I get in, I get to ask a question. Any question I want. Knowing that he is thinking I will get maybe one or two balls in, I took a sip of my coffee, put on my game face, and gave that table hell.

Heck yeah Paul. I dig the new office man. Who’s idea was it to have bumper pool? I mean seriously, who plays bumperpool?

Well, everyone at Airblaster loves bumperpool. We use the table as the deciding factor when things come to a stand still. Like the other day Jesse and myself could’nt decide on what types of finger foods we wanted at our upcoming sales meeting in December. Lets just say Jesse smoked me and it will be crab-cakes all around. I strongly suggest every company using some kind of table game to make those important choices.

You know Holden is just up the street, do you ever crank call those guys or challenge them to bumper pool?

Airblaster is a big fan of holden. They’re good guys and goodfriends. Unfortunately we all know what would happen if they tried to step up to bumperpool, game over suckers.

I noticed that your window is right above the back stage area of the Roseland where a bunch of sweet bands play. Have you seen any famous people yet? You know Metallica used to play there back in the day.

Metallica would rule. The other day Less Claypool was kicking it out back and well, I was once a big primus fan so that was cool. The best thing we see is when Insane Clown Posse plays. I have no idea what they sound like but watching the fans at the gate with their painted faces is amazing. I am waiting for the next show to throw waterbaloons from the roof, Cory you in?

Yeah dude, those clowns are funny stuff. So what’s the deal with Portland? Is it good for shred companies to be based out of here? I guess thats a dumb questions since you can snowboard all but two weeks out of the year. But how about the city itself?

Portland is rad for many reasons. The biggest and best thing about being located in portland is the ability to shred year round. We not only get to work with HCSC and all the campers during the summer but we get to shred as well, it is a win win. As for the city it is mellow. The weather stays mild and people are just doing their thing. It makes for a great working environment. Plus many big name industry people are located in Portland, have you ever heard of Cory Grove?

Yeah, That Cory feller is total badass (and single). You are in the heart of the art scene here. But, you are also in the heart of the sketchy part of town. Ever see any shady stuff go down?

Our office is great but you are very right in saying we are located in a shady part of town. It is not scary or anything but a day does not go by without someone asking if I need anything.

Tim and Seth from Grenade are right next door. Do you ever smell reefer coming from over there? Or body odor?

No, that would be silly.

Do they ever try to steal ideas from you?

Lets just say sometimes we talk a little soft.

So what’s new with product? What are we going to see at SIA this year? Jet packs? Cobra Dogs pro model leg bag?

I cannot even begin to describe how good our gear for 07/08 islooking. SIA will be something for the record books. I could go on but you will just have to wait and see.

What about team? Any newbies?

The airblaster team is one big happy family that is growingeveryday. Check out the list at

You guys have proved that snowboarding doesn’t have to be stale, who is the mastermind behind all this cool stuff?

Airblaster was started by three friends and long time shredders Travis Parker, Jesse Grandkoski and Myself. It has since grown to five with the addition of Tyler Scharpf and Jonas Lee. The goal from day one was to enjoy what we’re doing and support snowboarding. We’ve always lived by the saying “We do whatever we want”. For me there is a lot of truth to that statement and I think it’s what allows us to have a presence in this business. We look at our products as what we want to wear and what is needed to snowboard the way we want. We all have ideas we bring to the table and we collectively make it happen. Nothing in Airblaster happens without all five of us. Everything is just a result of us doing what we want. We are not trying to create some kind of brand and image we think will be the next big thing, Airblaster is just us being ourselves and loving it.