What's the latest Desiree? Where you been lately? What's your day to day these days?

The latest is I don’t have a life, but I’m workin on getting one. I’ve been in riverside ca, living at my parents house again. My day to day is wake up super late, color come pictures when I feel like it, read a lot of fantasy books, and play a lot of basketball.

How was the winter? What'd you do?

The winter was… interesting. I tried to film a part with videograss, got hurt alot, learned alot, and had alot of fun.

How'd it go filming with the Videograsser's??

It was different. filming with the most amazing guys out there is definitely intimidating, to the point where I pretty much blew it. I thought it would be easier than filming with all girls, but I was wrong. I think I will be more prepared next year. And everyone should buy the movie when it drops, its gonna be amazing.

Gimme one highlight from the winter:

A highlight was everyday when I got to snowboard. I don’t have just one. Actually the best random highlight was watching jarad hadi and louif paradise shoot these crazy fire work things off in utah at me and ben biloq and the party inside of pat fenalons house. A fire should have started for sure.

And one lowlight:

Every time I tried to film on something I got a small injury. They started to add up. I know, I’m a HUGE vagina.

Any guesses about who might get first or last part in that movie?

I have NO idea. I tried to get it out of lance and mike but they were not leaking, so I figured I wouldn’t even try to hit up justin about it. I will just guess and say that larry has first part. I don’t know who has last, its too hard to know, everyone is too good and got awesome footage.

So you're kinda an artist too huh? How often do you paint? Do art? Draw?

I don’t know if I’m an “artist” but I know that I definitely like to make things. I think the majority of my down time I spend drawing something, this winter I always had some paper and sharpie pens with me. I usually only paint when I am home because its too hard to travel with paints.

Why do you like doing artwork? What's your preferred medium?

I like doing artwork because its fun. When I see a picture in my head I get super excited to transfer it into something and hang it up in my room. My preferred medium has recently been sharpee pen drawing then water colors, because its so damn easy to use. I can really just make the picture that I see in my head by using those things. I also like acrylic though, I’m making an acrylic painting right now, its just frustrating sometimes because I don’t even really know how to blend colors, so its just a lot of trial and error until I get the right things going.

Which other artists are you really down for?

Mike Hakker, Dick Nirks, Tyler Virgin, June Bonerjam, Jarad Hottie, I dont know, Im down for anyone who just makes stuff and uses their brains is different ways. Its cool to see what people can come up with.

What is art?

Art is whatever you want it to be. Jarad Hadi plays the piano and I think thats art, all us snowboarders are terd artists because we paint that big white canvas.

Why do you think so many snowboarders are also talented artists?

I dont really know. Everyones a talented artist these days, maybe its just something in the water?

Summer plans?

School! gonna play some college volleyball, haha, and hopefully make it out to hood a few times. Thats about it.