Chad Otterstrom had one of those winters last year, he swept the Transworld Team Challenge, killed it at the Gravity Games, and took the whole showcase at the Burton Abominable Snow Jam. And that’s just the competitions. Chad also pulled off another Mack Dawg part in the yet to be released From ____, With Love.

We caught up with Chad this week … well, I kind of used him as an excuse to cut out of work early to go surfing and then TWS Photo Editor Nick Hamilton followed my lead and headed out to swing at some golf balls at the world famous Torrey Pines golf course with Chad. Anyway, after all that quality time together we got a few bits about what’s on Chad’s mind.

Hey Chad did you achieve your goals for the winter?
Yeah, I didn’t get hurt. Well, actually I sprained my ribs at the Gravity Games, but that only took me down for a couple weeks. Other than that, I didn’t’ get hurt and that was my goal. I have the same ambitious goal for next winter.

What’s up with your video part? Have you seen it yet?
I just saw all my shots the other day and saw rough cuts of the video and it was super good. BraD Kremer’s editing at his house in Tahoe in a little cave that’s smaller than any of these closets.

What Contests are you considering for next winter?
I’m going to do the Grand Prix. Just do them to win some money. I also got into the X-Games next year.

How do you get into the X-Games?
I just had to bro down with the right people.

Are you getting burnt out yet?
No. Not at all.

Did you miss going up to the camps at Mt. Hood this summer?
Yeah, totally. That’s actually why I didn’t go to camp this summer … because I snowboarded every day this winter, like 5-6 days per week on average. I made myself not go so I didn’t get hurt or burnt out.

If you rode 5-6 days a week you must not have traveled much. Where’d you go?
I went to Utah five times and Minnesota and Reno. This is the furthest away I’ve been all year (San Diego).

Did you plan it that way?
No, I just got lucky. Canada was bad … whenever it was good in Utah, I just got in my truck and drove there. Then I’d film there until it was crappy and then I’d go home.

So, It’s just surfing, golfing, and fishing for the rest of the summer?

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