Catching up on ASS Industries with Eric Koval

We sat down for a few questions with the president of ASS, Eric Koval. Originated in 1997 out of Seattle, Washington, ASS Industries was put on the back burner for several years until being resurrected in 2004 by Eric. Eric was sponsored by ASS Industries and “always dreamt of taking it over. ASS Industries produces innovative board wax and is also branching out with other accessories to be seen later this year. Supplies are limited and can only be found in core shops like Eastern Boarder, New England and The Office, Mammoth, CA.

A few questions with the ASS master himself, Eric Koval:

Nicole: What is ASS Industries all about Eric?

Eric: ASS creates Haul ASS Wax, Tight ASS Hardware and the ASS Wipe Goggle System. The wax is hydro-carbonated for speed and the exotic ASS lover. It is the only multi colored, ass shaped wax in the snowboarding industry. Then there is the Tight ASS Hardware which is our replacement hardware…everyone needs a handy ASS replacement. Last but not least is the ASS Wipe Goggle System, which is literally made from the skin off a midget donkey’s ASS. And yes, there are such things as midget donkeys… check ’em out for yourself on the ASS web site, which will be coming September.

Nicole: What qualifies you as an ASS wax master?

Eric: What can I say, I love ASS and the only way to capture the essence of the ASS is through the exotic wax blends of ASS Industries.

Nicole: What makes ASS different from other companies?

Eric: Well, the wax blends are different and exotic. It is the first of its kind with the multi color options and capturing the shape of ASS gives you a nice grip while applying to your board. But first and for most it’s a company name you can trust.

Nicole: What is currently new with ASS?

Eric: You can get your limited edition I LOVE ASS t-shirts and stickers on the website… hey everybody should have a little piece of ASS.

Nicole: What can we expect from ASS in the future?

Eric: Starting September 1st our new web site will be up and running. We are also currently moving locations from Blue New Hampshire to expand so we are currently a mobile ASS unit. ASS Industries is also assembling a team, Team ASS-Troidz to be exact… check back on the web site for team updates.