Canada Day With Endeavor Snowboards

Words: Daryl Trinidad
Photos: Scott Serfas

     Canada Day, gorgeous.  There was not a cloud in the sky. The endeavor crew assembled their finest and headed up to Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC. Not ten minutes into the trek up the lift a random man noticed some of the veterans in the crew and casually said, "Look at these old balls."  We didn't heckle him back, we just laughed and figured he must be talking about Serfas.

     The plan was to do what all Canadians do on Canada Day, cook a Canadian breakfast. We headed up to the Horseman Hut, which is located at the top of Blackcomb Mountain.  An over ambitious Max Jenke assembled the ingredients to make pancakes, which is usually the perfect vessel for consuming Canadian Maple syrup. Regrettably there were no eggs or milk for the batter, so we just used water. It was very similar to that of mixing concrete.

     Once the grill was fired up the shirtless Dez Price and DJ Chris Brown battled for Head Chef position. Browner (who is no stranger to the ones and twos) felt right at home behind the grill. His unique cooking style was reminiscent to his spinning of techno records at Whistler's local disco-tech. The lack of eggs and milk in the batter turned the pancakes into somewhat of a highbred tortilla shell. If you closed your eyes and ate them they could easily be mistaken for unseasoned beef jerky. Thankfully we had 6 pounds of bacon. Canadian bacon. Actually it was just the regular kind of bacon, but it possibly was produced in Canada. The grill marks left on the bacon created what is now know as Tiger Bacon. We found out hot sauce and Maple Syrup makes bacon taste even more amazing. The refined Canada Day Breakfast Menu – Maple Syrup, Tiger Bacon, Coors Light, Pancakes.  Coors Light easily made our Canadian Menu, not only because of its cold refreshing taste, but it is actually brewed locally, right here in Vancouver, BC, qualifying as an ideal Canada Day beer. Oddly enough Kale Stephen's was not hungry. When asked about this rare occurrence, Kale responded "I ate breakfast at the bottom at what ever ski camp that was".


     As the noon hour approached we crushed our Coors Lights and headed to Camp of Champions. C of C easily has the most real estate on the glacier, and clearly has the best features of any camp. There are dozens of rails, jumps, and hips, all over the grounds. A teenage paradise. But these were no teens in this crew. Veterans, some well past the twilight of their careers. What better a place to showcase their seasoned skills then in the 6 foot half pipe. A session broke out, and almost instantly there were "old balls" and new balls blasting pipe airs. Chris Brown, Kale Stephens, Rob Dow, Kevin Sansalone, TJ Schnider, Alex Auchu, Mikey Scott, Max Jenke, the list goes on. Much like those people who recreate war scenes in the park on their Sundays, we chose to recreate the 1997 Westbeach Classic. It's too bad Dave Cashen didn't show up.  Highlights were Kale Stephen's Canadian Bacon Grab. Kale’s definitely still got it. Johnny Lyall was blasting some of the highest airs, as was young Adam Chuntz. Rob Dow went so high his sunglasses actually disintegrated upon returning to earth. The trusty Scott Serfas was of course there to document these epic moments. 


As the sun beat down and turned our skin to leather, Johnny Lyall and Kale decided to finish the day off on a hip. Johnny blasted some huge stylish methods, while Kale stayed true to his Canadian Roots and exclusively grabbed Canadian Bacon. Fueled only by Coors Light and actual bacon, we headed down to the village for a whole meal of food. Instead, several buckets full of Coors Light barraged our table, courtesy of Coors Light Director of Party Operations Elliot McKerr. Kale took the Beer taste test challenge, where he correctly identified 3 beers blindfolded, a feat that has never before been performed. It was back to Vancouver for the crew. A fine Canada day.  The Endeavor crew sure knows how to have a good time. Happy Canada Day bitches.


A special thanks to Fabia at Camp of Champions and Ryan at Whistler/Blackcomb for making the day possible. Check out the gallery below for more action.