Canada Campout: Update From The Icecap

Three days ago a group of shredders and media gathered in the cloudy hamlet of Squamish, BC Canada. The dudes piled together camping gear, fuel and snow toys for a week of camping and shredding in some familiar backcountry zones outside of Whistler. TransWorld’s Get Real director and frontman, Joe Carlino led the media charge with Senior Photog Scott Serfas, and pencil-pusher Joel Muzzey. Riders MIkey Rencz, Eero Niemela, and Iikka Backström signed on and Marc Frank is traveling up to join the crew as you read this. 

We went up a few days ago and scoped, tanned and then set up the camp. Now that we’re all charter members of the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile Club, we’ve got a cozy A-Frame cabin in  trailside up near the glacier. We’ll spend the next week hoping for sun while we roup around hunting for hits. The snow is melted up so high that we’re driving 15 kilometers up the logging road and just a bit further with the sleds on the dirt road before we come to the snowline. Got one sunny day under our belts already and the crew is ready and rearing for a few more. Only that wild bitch Mother Nature knows what’s in store weather-wise, so we’ll wait on her as always. In the meantime we’ll be sledding around, snacking aggressively and burning lots of wood. Stay tuned for another update when we come back out of the forest. Wish you were. Yeah, for some spring shredding: “British Columbia, The Best Place On Earth.” Check the pics and then talk crap in the comments. 

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