Whistler, B.C., Canada; July 13, 2007

It’s a good idea to conserve some energy for the last day of camp. There were no lift lines for the t-bar, so quick laps were the call. We spied Chris Wimbles and Simon Chamberlain getting last shots with Sean Johnson for the new Stepchild movie, Child Support. Wimbles dialed in a Cab 10 on the step up to seal up his part. Torstein Horgmo made it back from his ASJ victory at Hood and was on-snow the next day jibbing through the park with Carlino.

Camp ended with a barbeque in Rebagliati field with giveaways and Chi Guy wrestling. This is the big go-out night for all the coaches and staff, but man, we were still recovering from Kale Stephens party the night before, and Trevor’s show the night before that, and sushi debauchery the night before that, and …. you get the idea. The party scene in Whistler is as huge as the jumps on the glacier. COC is looking to add a pro camp option next summer for campers who just want to ride and party Euro style (which is a good thing considering most of the European camps were a no-go due to no-snow).

Anyway, the previous night’s party was a Wildcats reunion of sorts with JF Pelchat, Devun Walsh, Tadashi Fuse, Gaetan Chanut, Dufficy, Serfas, and on and on all in attendance … it was not mild. Trevor Andrews jumped onstage for an encore from the previous night’s show. The party went late. Maybe that’s why there were no lift lines.

Anyway, camps over. We’re out. Look for the banger shots in an upcoming issue of TWS and arrange to get thyself to COC next summer.

COC By The Numbers:
Sushi count: 3
Speedo count: 1
Bear count: 15
Skier backflips: 5
Spicy Caesars: 20+
Night sessions: 1
Poker parties: 2
Camper photo/edit submissions: 2