Camp Of Champions Blog: Day 1

TWS is here at the Camp Of Champions in exotic Whistler, B.C. for TWS session featuring exciting presentations on photography with Senior Photographer Scott Serfas, video shooting and editing with Videographer Joe Carlino, and writing with Senior Editor Annie Fast (hi). The plan is to bring you inside the Camp Of Champions straight from the campers POV.

Unlike other “four season” snowboard resorts, in the summer Whistler is packed in a ‘National-Park-on-the-weekend style’ with Teva-clad families heading to the river, packs of downhill bikers in full padding, Germans in hiking gear, packs of snowboarders in wet boots, and a overflowing après-everything scene on the sunny sundecks. It’s insta-vacation awesomeness.

Three chairlift rides and a short bus shuttle got us to the summit of Blackcomb. The scene on the glacier this summer is next level. The official word from us is that the Camp Of Champions has stepped it up on-hill. Credit goes to Steve Petri and Arena Snowparks. We caught up with Steve on the slopes. He took some of the credit but also said the big snowfalls from the winter and the additional terrain added to the park (20 percent more) helps his nine-man park crew get it done.

Our crew spent the day sessioning the park and showing the campers how to operate Canons, Panasonics, and pencils so that they can do our job (more shredding for us).

Just a few of the big deals we saw on the slopes today and hope the campers will capture for you are Annie Boulanger, Rube Goldberg, Chris Dufficy, TJ Schneider, Spencer O’Brien, Jesse Fox, and Simone Chamberlain. Stay tuned as we put the campers to work with their newfound media skills.

COC By The Numbers:
Sushi count: 2
Speedo count: 1
Bear count: 4
Skier backflips: 5 (2 doubles)