Burton’s Second Annual Aboninable Snow Jam Results

Mt. Hood, OR — A Volvo V50 Sportswagon, Ski Doo Adrenaline 600, Rolex watch and a Mac G4 were all doled out to the best of the best at this year’s second annual Abominable Snow Jam. Christmas came six months early for Chad Otterstrom whose outstanding performance earned him the title spots for both best trick and highest air in quarterpipe, and best trick in halfpipe, combining to make him the best overall rider, as well as the recipient of a brand new Volvo V50 Sportswagon.

Nicolas Müller, also in contention for the Volvo V50 Sportswagon, awed the crowd with his smooth style and multitude of tricks. After taking first in quarterpipe and placing third in halfpipe, Nicolas pulled off a fine 720 Japan and was awarded best trick in slopestyle, allowing him to walk away $12,500 richer with a Sony HDV Camcorder in hand. Not too shabby for a few days of summer snowboarding with friends up at Hood.

Though the weather presented an early challenge over the weekend, it smoothed out just in time for the quarterpipe to commence where ladies like Junko Asazuma and Anne-Flore Marxer were going bigger than ever with monster backside airs and backside 3s, clearing 10-feet plus over the deck, placing them in first and second place respectively. Putting on a show from the men’s side, Chad pulled off a huge 22-foot McTwist while Nicolas challenged with his smooth one-footed McTwist.

Blue skies mixed with misty clouds and fantastic runs complete with 1080s, Haakon flips and McTwists, enabled for Sunday’s halfpipe to go off without a hitch. Takaharu Nakai was a crowd pleaser with a run that included some of the highest hits of the day, a Haakon flip that lead into a huge inverted frontside 9. But it was Pat Moore who stole the show, as predicted by Evan Rose, with a lean air into a McTwist, frontside 7 Japan, Haakon to frontside 1080 tail grab.

Gretchen Bleiler challenged the ladies and took first and best trick by dropping into a frontside five crippler and stomping a frontside nine and backside five.

Slopestyle began with crystal clear skies and gusty winds that cleared many riders from the course, leaving only the strongest to survive. The super-star lineup, including Travis Rice, Danny Kass, Nicolas Müller, Andreas Wiig, Heikki Sorsa and Wyatt Caldwell, provided for a great show of riding. Standouts, Andreas Wiig and Wyatt Caldwell, made it hard for judges to determine first and second place. Andreas prevailed with his run that started with a backside 270 out, frontside backside on the kink rail fakie out, tail press on the c-box to his jumps of a backside 7, frontside 9 to switch backside 9 combo. Marie-France Roy placed above Alexis Waite and Chanelle Sladics with tricks like front board slides on the rails and spins on the jumps. Her frontside 5 truck driver also won her the Sony HDV Camcorder for best trick.

The second annual Abominable Snow Jam finished on a positive note—riders were exhausted from all of the intense shredding but ready for the riding that Hood has to offer in the many summer days to come. Again, a big thanks goes out to the riders who competed and to the sponsors that make the Abominable Snow Jam a success, Burton Snowboards, Volvo, Motorola, Timberline Resort, Windell’s Snowboard Camp, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Sobe, Ski-Doo, Tylenol and Paul Mitchell. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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1st- Junko Asazuma- $5,000 2nd- Anne-Flore Marxer- Motorola Razr V3 Best Trick- Gretchen Bleiler- Rolex Watch (backside 5) Highest Air- Meg Pugh- Ski Doo Summit Adrenaline 600


1st – Nicolas Müller- $10,000
2nd- Travis Rice- Motorola Razr V3
Best Trick- Chad Otterstrom- Rolex Watch (22 ft. McTwist)
Highest Air- Chad Otterstrom- Ski Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 (22 ft. McTwist)

1st- Gretchen Bleiler- $5,000
2nd- Tricia Byrnes- $1,200
3rd- Elena Hight- $675
4th- Claire Bidez- $300
Best Trick- Gretchen Bleiler- Macintosh PowerBook G4 (crippler)


1st- Pat Moore- $10,000
2nd- Takaharu Nakai- $5,000
3rd- Nicolas Müller- $2,500
4th- Chad Otterstrom- $1,500
5th- Kazu Kokubo- $1,000
6th- Mason Aguirre- $500
7th- Antti Autti- $250
Best Trick- Chad Otterstrom- Macintosh PowerBook G4 (Switch
Backside 720)


1st- Marie-France Roy- $5,000
2nd- Alexis Waite- $1,200
3rd- Chanelle Sladics- $675
Best Trick- Marie-France Roy- Sony HDV Camcorder> (Truck-driver 540)


1st- Andreas Wiig- $10,000
2nd- Wyatt Caldwell- $5,000
3rd- Travis Rice- $2,500
4th- Danny Davis- $1,500
5th- Scotty Lago- $1,000
6th- Kevin Pearce- $500
Best TricK- Nicolas Müller – Sony HDV Camcorder (720 Japan)


Chad Otterstrom (Volvo V50 Sportswagon Sportswagon)