Burton World Tour Hits Portland

After making their way through Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, the Burton team arrived in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday night to premiere their new movie Process 3 and throw a wingding of a party. The night started of at the Hollywood Theater where all the boys and girls got to oooh and aaahh at the team’s snowboarding antics. After Process 3 came a showing of Absinthe’s POP, leaving all the kids in the house with even more than the full shaka they were hoping to get. Also, there was an autograph signing to pump up the bro-down factor even more. Feeww.

Next stop was the Fez ballroom downtown, where all the big guns showed up to watch none other than the legendary Tommy Guerrero play a very intimate set of his jazz/blues inspired guitar work. When I say big guns, I’m talking Jussi Oksanen, Gigi Rüf, DCP, Romain De Marchi, and JP Sloberg just to name a few. Shred dudes that don’t ride for Burton were there, too, like Robbie Sell and Ahmon Stamps. And there was a Todd Richards sighting. Shit—even pro skateboarder Chet Childress was there. Wow, you’re going to need a big-ass broom to sweep up all them names I just dropped.

Even for some one as jaded as me, the night was enjoyable—good music, good people, and not too much shred talk. Check the Burton Web site to see if the tour’s coming to a town near you.