Breckenridge Winter Dew Tour / Slopestyle Qualifier

Leanne Pelosi.

Photo: Christy Chaloux

Here’s a visual update on what’s going down at the Breckenridge Winter Dew Tour brought to you by Transworld photographer Christy Chaloux.


If your in the area, check this event out! Or just check back into for more updates.


It's dumping in Breck.
Good for the locals and all the visiting shreds.
Not so good for contest organizers.

The first stop of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour is underway here in Summit County, but the weather's already putting a damper on things. Well...guess it depends how you look at it.

There's plenty of pow to shred,  but when it came to running the qualifiers, practice and prelims the blizzard shut it down on Thursday.

Facemasks were a must on the mountain today and with the wind and snow really kicking up in the early afternoon it was pretty much impossible to do anything in the pipe or park. Heard word of a foot of fresh in the bottom of the pipe. But, the pipe builder didn't seem all that bothered. Frank Wells spent the better part of his day hiking the still unopen Peak 10.

"I'm only on my second lap," Wells said, not sounding all that out of breath. " But I think it's my 26th or 27th back here this season"

He straps in quicker than I can and rips off down the hill. Couldn't keep up. But found him at the bottom.  He's waiting in the lift line. Wished I'd waxed.

On the lift ride up he rattles off his schedule for the coming month, sounds hectic, lots of cutting and contests on the horizon. But, his work is done here. The pipe's built and looking good. So, he's getting his while he can.

"It's supposed to be a high of 8 degrees on Saturday, and this snow isn't supposed to let up," he says grinning. "But man, I feel sorry for these kids.  These are some nasty conditions to try and compete in."

Tomorrow: Everyone gets things going early with both men's and women's slopestyle practice at 8 a.m., prelims at 9:30 a.m. and the final at 2:30 p.m.

9:30a to 12:00p- Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle- Prelims
11:00a -12:00p- Women’s Ski Halfpipe Exhibition
12:00p to 2:00p- Men’s Ski Superpipe- Prelims
2:30p to 4:00p- Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle- Finals
7:00p to 9:00p- All-American Rejects and 3oh3 – Free Concert at the Riverwalk Center

8:45a to 9:30p- Women’s Ski Slopestyle Exhibition
11:00a to 1:00p- Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Superpipe- Prelims
11:30a to 1:00p- Men’s Ski Slopestyle- Finals
2:30p to 4:00p- Progressive Rail Jam Specialty Competition
4:00p to 6:00p- Savoy and MTHDS- Free Concert at the Riverwalk Center
6:00p to 7:30p- Men’s Ski Superpipe- Finals

11:00a to 1:00p- Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Superpipe- Finals
1:00p to 2:30p- DJ Chonz and People Under the Stairs – Free Concert at the Riverwalk Center