Boost Mobile team riders Danny Kass, the Dingo, and Rick Thorne infiltrated the Scion Release Golf Invitational in Phoenix this past March 21st. The crew represented as the Boost team in a Charity Golf Tournament hosted by Jeremy Piven from Entourage—proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club. Other teams included MTV, Mass Appeal, G-Unit, Reebok, Vice, Stuff Magazine, Burton, and Soul Assassins.

Danny, Dingo, and Rick were up against heavy competition—other players included Mike Jones, Stevie Williams, MTV’s Sway, Raekwon and U-God from Wu Tang, and tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon.

The first night kicked-off with dinner and Release line fashion show hosted by one very sauced-up Ricky Powell. The team ran around making friends throughout the night, and danced until the wee hours at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel with tunes spun by the infamous DJ Love Bug Starski, preparing themselves (like pro athletes do) for the big golf tournament the next day.

Arriving at the golf course a little foggy but looking forward to the day ahead, it was apparent that the PGA course staff was not quite prepared for the convergence of hip-hoppers, action sports athletes, pro athletes, TV personalities, and other random characters (most of whom, it was safe to say, were not experienced golfers). Cocktails were flowing and DJ’s were bumping throughout the course from the get-go, proof that this was not your average golf competition! Despite wind, rain, and golf ball-sized hail (irony playing out?) the Boost team stuck out the day and finished the 18 holes, while reeking a little havoc on the golf course, of course. Boost Mobile was rep’ing with its blinged out golf cart, custom-painted and sporting all the bells and whistles that would make West Coast Customs proud. Dingo “surfed down the 7th Fairway on a Danny-driven golf cart, and then they both proceeded to try to peg a chicken dancing, clucking Rick Thorne who was taunting them by the hole. Danny proved to be a ringer in not only Snowboarding, but golf as well (Tiger Woods, watch out—the Grenade Gloves Captain might just be your biggest competition!). And Thorne, in tribute to Mike Jones, shouted his name as he took each swing (Mike Jones!), which was followed shortly by what we dubbed the “Rick Thorne Surprise (his XXL Release track pants falling to expose, well, um, you can take a guess).

That night in at the Awards Banquet, Jeremy Piven handed out a few choice awards for the days’ performances. Raekwon was given the certificate for “Best Shot; Jamal Munnerlyn from Access Hollywood got “Closest to the Pin. The “Best-Dressed Team award went to Vice Magazine, while the overall winners of the day were who? Frank 151 and Mike Jones! Then the entire rag-tag crew rallied to club Next in Scottsdale, where the hijinx continued until closing time. Word has it that a certain taxi full of NFL athletes have a hidden fondness for Kelly Clarkson … she might have been “Walking Away hearing their rendition of her latest hit!

In all this madness what did Boost win you ask? Well, as one could have predicted early on … “Worst Golf Etiquette. Yep, we like it. Dingo apparently liked it to (and the 15 beers he had drank) as he accepted the award on-stage, playfully slapping Jeremy Piven in the face and shouting “Cheeese. He may be young, but he’s so Old School …