Bonfire Pipe-2-Pipe at Windells

Welches, Oregon (June 30, 2007) — Windells was proud to host the 10th Annual Pipe 2 Pipe contest on Saturday, June 30th. Weather was epic with blue skies and temperatures in the 70s. The event was a jam format rail / skate event held on the glacier during the day and down at Windells famous BOB facility that evening.

With a thousand dollars on the line for the best Women’s Pro Rail, Men Pro Rail and Men’s Pro Skate divisions, the event was heated. Ultimately Nick Dirks edged out Zac Marben and Luke Wilson for the pro victory. The Ams saw Sawyer Deen take the win followed by Ben Kudow and Ricky Corukin.

On he womens side, Kirstin Seits took the Pro division followed by Desiree Melancon and Ally Cairlo. Aerial Friedman took he Am win followed by Libby Redeyenming and Kiira Cerasi.

In other Windells news, the NC Productions have been running around the campus and facilities up on snow coaching the Windells c amperes. The NC Productions crew include Lucas Wilson, Aaron Breitenbach, Skylar Thorton and Jonny Malenga. Next Session we have Brett Butcher, Nick Visconti and others from Think Thank productions coming up to Windells to coach.

At Windells, there is excitement around every corner, from amazing park up on the glacier, to the the campers’ rooms, BMX track, the foam pit, a snack shack and mess hall, a tetherball area, paintball, horseshoes, an arcade/gameroom, trampolines and surprisingly, more. Windells takes pride in offering something for everyone—all walking distance…or skating distance.

Windells has seven sessions running this summer, from June 6 through August 11, 2007. Some sessions are already filled but riders can call (800) 765-7675 to check for availability and visit for more details.