After repeated efforts to beat the magazine’s controversial and gratuitous formula into submission, Larry Flynt Publications, ironically enough, flushed BLUNT Snowboard Magazine after only one season of production.

But just prior to Flynt’s ill-advised decision, the staff of delicate geniuses had been tinkering with the next issue for the new cycle. And from the Portland-based offices, momentum mounted: BLUNT Snowboard Magazine #23 — The Gay Issue. Snowboarding’s Celebration of Diversity. If the April issue hadn’t been BLUNT’s demise, September’s — the first of the new season — surely would have.

Though it never made it to the printer, features for #23 were to include coverage of the ’98 Westbeach Classic, an interview with Nicola Thost (straight off her gold medal win at the Winter Olympics’ inaugural inclusion of halfpipe), a cross-continental Board Aid wrap-up, and the US Open.

Smaller sidebars in the works disseminated the plight of the snowy camel toe, fishing with the deer-haired penis fly, how to shag fruit, and on-hill knowledge of converting PowerBar wrappers into makeshift UV-coated eyewear — with Cody Dresser. The magazine had even attracted its first groupie, a smoldering vixen named Kristin from Seattle.

Up until now, fewer than 10 people in the world had set eyes on this cover. It was found, in San Francisco of all places, buried deeply on a Zip disk in the possession of the former art director. Sadly, nearly two and a half years after the death of BLUNT, this is all that remains.