Blogwatch: Lib Tech

The season is officially winding down here in the lower 48, but not so up in Haines, AK. Landvik is living it with the Standard crew filming for their new movie.

This summary from Haines breaks down the reality of how much time is spent waiting for the blue so you can fly the bird. Lando says, “Here we are in Haines AK, but it feels a little like Nam. I’ll just break down the last 3 1\2 weeks for ya. Canoe crabbing, 5 days of shredding, 2 heli days, 3 sled days, 2 days in Juneau partyin’ with fam and friends, 3 weeks of down time, 3 dudes almost losing their shit, avalanches, helicopter crashes, ankle injuries, people hangin’ from helicopters, these are just some of the highlights from our AK excursion.” Check the Lib site for a little visual journey with Lando.