Bjorn Goes to Japan

I had just recently returned home from a trip to South America shredding in Chile, and was home long enough to do a bunch of loads of laundry, and pack up to head over to Japan on the Rome SDS Shred BBQ Tour 2006. I was excited to go because we were gonna be riding at some indoor shred facilities and cruising with the Rome team.

After a thirteen-hour flight we all met up on the southern island of Japan, in Fukuoka. Fellow Rome SDS teammates Casey Neefus and Jussi Tarvainen were there, along with a crew of Japanese Rome riders and the distributor, Hasco inc. Hasco also owns and operates the distribution co. for Celtek in Japan. The guys with Hasco took really good care of us on the trip going out of their way to make sure that we ate food we liked. That’s usually the hardest part about going over seas--getting normal food! Well, that and the jetlag. My roommate for the trip, Casey, and I suffered from most severe jetlag. We would wake up in the middle of the night wide-awake because back in the U.S. it was the middle of the day. It took a few days to get into the new sleep routine.

We met up with the crew every morning and headed out to visit a few shops on the way to the indoor shred zone. We had so much fun tagging up the local shops with Rome SDS and Celtek stickers. It seemed like everywhere we went the shops had a lot of Burton displays, so Casey and I thought it would be funny to turn them into Rome SDS displays by hooking them up with tons of stickers.

As for the riding it was sick to shred indoors. The places were roughly the size of two hockey arenas, and about eight to ten stories tall. The slope was about the size of a football field complete with a fifteen-foot jump, boxes and rails. Instead of a chairlift, you ride up a moving walkway like at the airport. What a trip. I can’t believe we don’t have a place like that in America. They even had a restaurant at the bottom with windows so you can see what’s happening on the hill. I was really impressed with the riding, too--the Japanese ‘boarders have stepped up their game for sure. So, after shredding for a few hours, we put on a contest for the locals and gave away a ton of product. After the comp we had a BBQ in the parking lot and watched the Gnar Rome video, and announced the winners. That was awesome, it gave us a chance to chill out like normal guys with the riders. Picture 30 to 50 people huddled around the BBQ with chopsticks trying to nab a piece of meat of the grill. Full caveman style! We gave out a bunch of boards along with bags, hoodies, tees, and various Rome SDS gear for the prizes. A few lucky riders got Celtek bandanas. So this was our daily routine for the week.

To end the trip, we traveled all the way from Fukuoka in the south through Hiroshima and then to the crazy city of Tokyo. I was super stoked to see Celtek’s on the Japanese riders, and also Celtek banners at the resorts. Stoked!

Celtek Clan represent!

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