Billabong Storms NZ: Scotty Lago Interview + Photos

Tell me about a memorable moment from the NZ trip.

It would have to be the one run we took that was just for fun at the endof the day. It was one of the most fun runs of my life. Wicked good run.

How did New Zealand riding rate with what you were expecting?

I went there last yea,r and it was pretty lame compared to this year. There wasn’t any pow, but then again I didn’t leave Snowpark.

Sum up the heli-boarding day—the guide, the snow, the rock garden, et cetera.

I don’t really know too much about backcountry guides, but I did like these guys. They didn’t really care where we went. The powder was some of the best I’ve ever gotten. The heli ride was scary and the rock garden had so many options. I wish we had a couple more days there.

Tell me about the food on the trip.

All the food was obviously different, but I liked it all and ate a lot.

Tell me about the views—especially Trebble Cone.

Just the town of Wanaka was so cool. I took a lot of photos of thesurrounding areas. I was never bored with the views.

When did you most feel like you were Frodo chasing a ring over there?

Nothing really, but I did reference Frodo a lot out there.

Best quote from the trip?

Kurt saying to me, “These guides are really sketchy,” on like my secondheli experience. It made me feel really safe.

Tell me a bit about riding at Snowpark.

I rode there a lot. The whole mountain is pretty much a park, and it was really fun.

Tell me a little something about kia birds.

I did get to see one, but not in action. Apparently these parrot birds just cause havoc all over the mountain and eat pretty much anything in sight. One of the guides told us a story about some kias eating some dude’s eyes out. Bummer.

Tell me a little about Kale pissing in random places.

Yeah, he would pretty much whip it out wherever and whenever—goodstyle.

Tell me about Air Hole testing.

Kale can tell you everything you need to know about Air Hole.

How was flying into Queenstown?

Scenic and I could see the pipe at the top of Snowpark, which was prettycool.

Any good nicknames for the places down there?