Tell me about a memorable moment from the NZ trip.

For our first day in the heli the snow was deep, the sun was out, there was no wind—it all fell in to place. Waawaaweewaa!

Was the riding in New Zealand what you were expecting? Yep.

Tell me about the food on the trip.

Those Kiwis have outstanding fish and chips!

Tell me about the views—especially Trebble Cone.

They were breathtaking, fabulous, spectacular …

Best quote from the trip?

“Don’t muck around down there, mate!!!

Tell me a bit about riding at Snowpark.

I felt like I was riding back home in Ontario—only perfect jumps and more flingers.

Tell me a little something about kia birds.

For some reason they think snowmobile seats are delicious.

Tell me about Air Hole testing.

It was very intense and extremely mellow at the same time.

What about flying into Queenstown?

A tad foggy, mate.

Any good nicknames for the places down there?