Billabong Storms NZ: Jamie Anderson Interview

Tell me about a memorable moment from the NZ trip.

I would say heli riding. It was crazy! I’ll never forget it … and of course my pink Caddy!

Was the riding in New Zealand what you were expecting?

It was even better then what I expected. We got great powder on a bluebird day! And of course snowpark was so fun too!

Sum up he heli-boarding day—the guides, the snow, the rock garden, et cetera.

Haha, the guides were great, the snow was so fun, and the rocks … wel,l I didn’t hit any, so that’s good.

Tell me about the food on the trip.

To be honest, I wasn’t to stoked on it. The only food I really liked there were the Thai and Indian places. Oh yeah, and the pizza!

Tell me about the views—especially Trebble Cone.

Everything was so pretty, but I didn’t really get to see the views from Trebble Cone.

When did you most feel like you were Frodo chasing a ring over there?


Best quote from the trip.


Tell me a bit about riding at Snowpark.

Funnest park mountain ever! There is so much there for park features … they have everything you need!

Tell me a little something about kia birds.

They’re crazy! They look like tropical birds, but they hang out on the snow and eat rubber!

Tell me a little about Kale pissing in random places.

Um, I don’t know. He’s just like every other guy, I guess.

What about flying into Queenstown?

It was scary. I was on a little plane that was kind of sketchy. It’s such a cool town, though.

Can you think of any good nicknames for the places down there?

Not that I can think of …