Tell me about a memorable moment for you from the NZ trip.

Pow turns, flat whites, laughing with everyone, and getting a quick tour of the New Zealand law system. I got in a fight with a bouncer and ended up having to buy him a new shirt and watchband, plus donate to babies born without anyone to be responsible for them—like if the mom is a crackhead or something. I had to borrow money from everyone to pay it because I was broke at that moment. The officer reduced it to the least possible amount for me, and I don’t have a criminal record down there—or anywhere for that matter—so that helped. On all the nights down there, the parties were going off, I even saw the gold-medal man getting a little crazy, and I now have even more respect for him.

Was riding in New Zealand what you were expecting?

I expected it to take longer to get there. Everyone talks about how badit is, but I thought it was mellow. I slept the whole time.

Sum up the heli-boarding day—the guides, the snow, the rock garden, et cetera.

It was my first time heli riding. I was freaked out a bit, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The guides were mellow. They showed us where to go and not to go—mostly where not to go, so it was fun to pick out and do what we wanted.

Tell me about the food on the trip.

The food was amazing! I don’t recommend eating Indian hot at the Indian joint, because I did and I felt it for the whole trip. I can still taste it when I think about it.

Tell me about the views—especially Trebble Cone.

The views were amazing. You could see for miles from the peak of Trebble Cone—the blue from the lake going into brown and then to white as it hits the snowline. Such a dope setting for a movie.

Tell me a bit about riding at Snowpark.

Snowpark was a pretty dope setup. It was probably one of the best parks I’ve ever ridden, and it also had a fun lodge to hang in after your day of riding. New Zealand really seemed to have it all. Snowpark was fun because it was a super good park, and Trebble Cone had long steep runs with little gullies and hits everywhere. I can’t even imagine how fun it would be on a pow day. Then there is the heli riding with amazingly long runs with tons of options. Yep, I’d like to go back this summer.

Tell me a little something about kia birds.

They eat your bindings and steal your shoes.

Tell me a little about Kale pissing in random places

Kale doesn’t give a f—k! Pisses anywhere he wants. Watch out!

Tell me about Air Hole testing.

It’s a ninja mask for your face, kid. They work perfectly!