Billabong Storms NZ: Andrew Mariner Interview + Photos

Tell me about a memorable moment from the NZ trip.

Flying in a heli for my first time and scoring insane snow with all of my athletes was the best thing ever! It’s always nice knowing that your company’s money is being well spent and you’re not going to get fired for running the heli in the air all day for marginal snow. The last run of the day was by far the best—no stopping for photos or film shots; just pointing it and going as fast as possible into the canyon of slashes. Surfing six-foot Raglan with nobody out wasn’t too bad either! Stayed right on the point and score great waves to finish up a great snowboard trip!

Was the riding in New Zealand what you were expecting?

I thought I was going to get more blue-water views, and the rocks underneath the snow were way sketchier than I was expecting. Snowpark wasabsolutely amazing, though! Frank Wells is the man!

Sum up the heli boarding day—the guides, the snow, the rock garden, et cetera.

The guides were classic old ski bums … not too worried about anything. Our guide drank out of a gas tank!

Tell me about the food on the trip.

The pizza in town and food at Snowpark were my favorite. Oh, and Flat White every morning—best coffee drink ever! I’d drink Flat White every morning before I searched for my team and tried to get everyone rallied and in the car. New Zealand is too fun for minors, and everyone stays out lat,e which causes a serious headache for any team manager.

Tell me about the views—especially Trebble Cone.

The views where amazing at TC. I love the shot of Kurt … that sums upthe spectacular views you get from that place.

When did you most feel like you were Frodo chasing a ring over there?

When I flew out of Queenstown I thought I was going to land onFrodo … sketchiest plane ride of my life!

Best quote from the trip?

“Just throw it in me dumper, mate!

Tell me a little something about kia birds.

I remember watching an old TWS movie with Jamie Lynn about these crazy birds in New Zealand. Well, now I know what he was talking about! Kia birds are freaking savages and will actually eat rubber. I couldn’t believe it … they were eating the rubber off of windshield wipers!

Tell me about Kale pissing in random places.

Kale is the most grotesque type of person you will ever meet—scoops bean dip out of a can with his index finger and slops it into his mouth while he tackles any type of leftovers with the other hand, shits and pisses where ever he pleases, and is always spitting hideous snots out of his mouth—a true Canadian, eh. I love the guy ’cause he doesn’t even think twice about it!