This week we have a 2006 Nidecker Angel 152 up for grabs. Board features sandwich construction, full wood core and an Isospeed 4400 base. All ladies report to TWS and send in your best riding shots, include your name and where the photo was taken. Send photos to right now. Best photo wins. Deadline is Friday June 9th.

Last weeks winner for the best slam was James Sievers from Garrison, New York, for completely destroying himself on a backside 270 front lip attempt on a down flat down. Watch the video he so graciously sent in and be all like “Oh my god! The Runner-ups lovingly dubbed the Big Almosts photos are linked up in a slideshow as well.

For his tribulations, James won a World Wide Weapon from K2. The WWW is one of K2’s most popular team boards, built for handling the rails and the jumps that the kids love so much. The board has a shorter nose and tail combined with a longer effective edge, allowing you to drop about 5cm in board size, i.e. the 147 we sent off should ride like a 152 with the maneuverability of a board 5 cm it’s junior.