Bidez, Hollingsworth, Gold and Silver In World Junior Championships

Vivaldi Park, Koreaà¢'¬American snowboarders Clair Bidez(Minturn, CO) and Ellery Hollingsworth (Darien, CT) finished 1-2in halfpipe at Saturday’s World Junior Championships in Korea.Dylan Bidez (Minturn, CO) was the top American finisher on themen’s side in sixth.

In the qualifiers, Bidez was first and Hollingsworth sixth. Inthe finals, Hollingsworth took the lead after the first of tworuns. However, Bidez’ second run was untouchable as she threwback-to-back 540s and head-high straight airs. Hollingsworth hada solid second pass, but it wasn’t enough to uproot Bidez andtake back first place.

“It was such a cool contest,” said Hollingsworth. “It was funseeing our flags and singing the words to the National Anthem.”Dylan Bidez used smooth style and huge straight airs to gethimself into the finals. Matt Ladley (Steamboat Springs, CO)rode strong and was a crowd favorite, but just missed thefinals, finishing 13th.

The World Junior Championships continue Sunday with big air andconclude Monday with parallel giant slalom.


Men (12 qualify for finals)

1. Kohhei Kudoh, Japan, 45.5
2. Markus Malin, Finland, 43.9
3. Peetu Piiroinen, Finland, 42.8
4. Daniel Friberg, Switzerland, 42.4
5. Kohsuke Hosokawa, Japan, 41.3


1. Clair Bidez, Minturn, Colo.
2. Ellery Hollingsworth, Darien, Conn.
3. Sina Candrian, Switzerland
4. Meri Peltonen, Finland
5. Anne Sophie Pellissier, France

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