If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that the big year of 2008 saw lots of heavy snowboard trickness go down. Here’s our Top 10, not in any particular order, really.

But there’s, 10 of ’em.

1. Travis Rice, switch backside double-cork 1080.

Photos: Tim Zimmerman

2. David Benedek, Switch backside rodeo 12 and Cab double-cork 1080.

3. Gigi Rüf, Loops in a tunnel from Over Seas the Pirate Productions movie.

4. Louif Paradis, backside 270 to fakie rail.

5. LNP, nosepress through 3 kinks.

6. Eiki Helgason, Backside 180 Switch 50-50.

7. Torstein Horgmo, switch backside 1260.

8. Scotty Lago, Dual blow-out method in Boned Age.

Photo Jeff Potto

9. Peter Line, switch backside 270 gap to wall from Forum Or Against 'Em

10. Lucas Debari, cliff drop to backside seven.